Thursday, February 29, 2024

Montly Musings: How To Survive The Winter Months Edition


Hi Friends!  Patty and I are so glad you are here!  We hope you will join us in our linkup as we answer the questions below.  This month we are talking how to survive the winter months- can't wait to get some inspiration from all of you...here we go....

1. What Do You Do In the Winter That Brings You JOY?

When I think about November and December, getting ready for the holidays...cooking warm and cozy meals and celebrating with family and friends always brings me joy.  When I think about the New Year and the rest of the winter months, I think about fun indoor activities like watching my kids dance/play hockey

2. How Do You Stay Warm and Cozy?

I wear warm clothing/get cozy with a blanket and sometimes pull out the space heater and I also love to light a good candle to make things extra cozy around here

3. What are you looking forward to this winter?

Umm...when it is over...sorry not sorry...ha!

4. Favorite Wintertime Activities?

Not much....going to the movies...dinner out....maybe bowling?  Again, counting down the days until spring!

5. Favorite Months of Winter?

November and December as we enjoy so many fun seasonal/holiday traditions

6. Favorite Dishes To Make In Winter?

Risotto like this one HERE


Chili like this one HERE


Soups like this one HERE


7. Gas or Wood Burning Fireplace?

We have a wood burning fireplace and we have been enjoying more fires this year than ever before but if I had my pick I would pick a gas one for sure- the flick of a switch sounds like heaven to me!

8. Favorite Winter Hot Beverage?

Coffee of course



9. Favorite Winter Movies





Sex And The City



Beautiful Girls




10. How Do You Stay Healthy In Winter?


Exercise regularly- mostly indoors

Drink water

Hydrate- Hydrate- Hydrate



 Can't wait to see how you "survive" and see if I can draw some inspiration off of you!





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Maria Rineer said...

One day until March- you got this!! (I only say that because I know that you don´t like winter!) I need to check out your soup recipes... Have a great Thursday :).

Natasha said...

Well, you've already inspired me to drink more water. I definitely don't drink enough water in winter. I like my water cold, and the weather's already cold, and well, it's a problem.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Holly, this was such a fun topic and I enjoyed reading your answers. It looks like you are surviving the winter!

Kym said...

Your home, and especially that fireplace, certainly do look cozy! I'm with you on looking forward to winter being over!

Pamela said...

Great post, thanks for hosting!

Adrienne Patenaude said...

that risotto looks so good. i want a gas fireplace to just switch on too.

Tanya said...

I don't think I'd mind the cold of the northern states around the holidays, but I would be DONE by February. Hang in there, spring is almost here!

Bri said...

The risotto looks amazing! I am with you on the best part of winter is when it's over!

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