Tuesday, February 28, 2023

4 Things





 Hi Friends!  This is my first time linking up with Jennifer for her fun linkup "4 Things."

During the last Saturday of each month, she prompts us to share 4 Things; what we LOVED, READ, LEARNED and ATE...how fun!

She keeps the linkup open and thank goodness for friends like me who typically don't blog on the weekends.

So..here we are...a snowy Tuesday in New England and I am dreaming of warmer days and more positivity in general!

So here we go....


Getting back to my hard core gym classes...finally feeling back to "normal" or "human" and love that I get to share my gym time with my bestie Cass :)



 February was such a BLAH month with my reading...I only liked one of the three books I read.

I started with "Vacationland" by Meg Mitchell Moore and it just dragged.  I had such high hopes because I loved her book "Two Truths and a Lie" but this one was so disappointing.



Next Up was "I'm No Philosopher But I've Got Thoughts" by Kristin Chenoweth.  I was looking to laugh after my boring read and I kept scratching my head and saying "this is all so manic" and "she is all over the place."  I still love her but this book was another dud.



Finally I wrapped up my month with a fun read.  Pamela Kelley saved the day with her next book in the Beach Plum Cove Series- Nantucket Homes.  Praise God!  Just as good as the others- quick, light with all of the Nantucket goodness :)

My March reading is off to a perplexing start....I have hope for better reading this spring and summer...geesh...I hope anyway!



I learned that the little things often mean so much more than I think.  i.e. "A Heart A Day in February" for my girls turned out to be the biggest hit in a long time.  They awaited my love messages every day and they are sad that the month and tradition has to come to an end this year....sharing the little things I love about them or the little compliments brought them so much joy and in turn, brought me joy and helped me through some dark winter days.



I also learned that Eva has been paying attention in Family Faith and mass and now knows all of the songs and prayers that we say and share each week and this warms my heart and gives me even more faith.





So pretty clean over the last couple of months as I am following the E2M program.  The gist of the program is pretty much lean proteins and veggies and sometimes fruit.  You also get a "celebration meal" each week and I have taken full advantage. A few weeks was Italian both out and homemade.  One weekend, at Mohegan, was an amazing steak dinner.  Pub pizza was another week and I indulged in Mexican this past weekend.


From this new lifestyle, I have learned that I LOVE zucchini in the air fryer.  I also have learned that I don't miss creamer in my coffee as much as I thought I would.  In fact, on one Saturday, I decided to have a coffee with cream as a treat and I got sick after so there's that!  I don't miss tomatoes.  I also learned that my girls will eat kale when I make it in the air fryer!  Carrot Fries were the biggest surprise though- LOVE.  You can check out the recipe HERE


 Love reading everyone's 4 Things :)




Maria Rineer said...

It's funny what we learn about our kids- things we aren't sure if they're going to like or not whether it be about the food they eat or the traditions that they like. Glad you're finding some healthy food that you love!

Joanne said...

yay! So glad you joined in. I just started joining in last month.. and some months the prompts definitely seem harder. Your eating does sound wonderful and like it strikes a really good balance. I too find that I can't really stomach much full fat diary now that I've (mostly)given it up.

Natasha said...

I learned this past Sunday that one of the pastors is super impressed with what one of my kids shares in Sunday School. It is always so nice to have assurance that our kids are getting something out of faith experiences and starting to integrate them into their own lives.

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