Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Currently: March 2023


Yeah!  It's March...Bring on Spring!  Just can't wait for this snow to melt...sigh...

Anyway, I am joining Jennifer and sharing what is happening here...currently.....


Well I shared yesterday that I love exercising more again...not only walking which has been great for me physically and mentally but getting back to regular gym classes.

I am also loving

Getting all of the springtime inspiration on Pinterest.  We have a busy Spring on tap complete with some special family time- Eva's First Communion and Confirmation, The Daddy Daughter Dance with Friends, Easter and all of the traditions and a fun Easter Egg Hunt and "Spring Fling" with Eva's friends and their families


My next book very soon and I am hoping that it is the one that turns around my reading for the year and helps me to get excited and enjoy it again...geesh!  ;)


Rob and I have been watching Blue Bloods in bed each night so I guess you could say we are finishing our days with this amazing show?!


To get in 25 grams or more of fiber each day- 128-130 ounces of water each day and stick to plan!


To Nantucket for the Wine Festival Weekend with My Besties again and cannot wait...it is seriously one of the things getting me through this winter....as you can imagine...the outfit planning has commenced and I am dreaming of the ferry ride over and walking along the cobblestone streets..eeeh...I am giddy!

So...what's new with YOU Currently? :)


Joanne said...

Oh I hope that Colleen Hoover book is a good one for you. Nantucket sounds amazing and I too am dreaming/thinking "spring!"

Maria Rineer said...

I love that pin- such an incredibly pretty board. Your upcoming spring plan sound so great and I love how you are rocking your goals. Happy March, friend!

Natasha said...

Oh, we currently have our windows open and I was able to get a bunch of our snow cleared away today as it was melting so I have DEFINITE spring fever! I think I need to put Nantucket on my bucket list -- I want to get there some day... Also, that spring charcuterie looks amazing! Do you have a link for it please?!?!?!

Andrea Nine said...

I’ve not had good luck with reads this year. Hope that one is good. Nantucket will be so fun. And girl, you go. You’re slaying it!!

Holly said...

@Natasha, I am jealous that you got to open your windows! Yes here you go- I am definitely making this in a few weeks and will try to remember to snap pics. it's a Mediterranean Lemon Feta Dip with Spring Veggies https://thecafesucrefarine.com/mediterranean-lemon-feta-dip/

Anonymous said...

Oh Nantucket again!! How lucky! Have the best time!! I love that board! -Sarah @Sunshine & Books

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