Tuesday, February 21, 2023

YAGP 2023


 This is a BIG Photo and Video Dump from YAGP 2023



Hope you don't mind!  This is where I document everything for my fam :)



Diana's Classical Piece

Kitri's Entrance from Don Quixote

 "I Do Not Own The Rights To This Music"

Diana's Contemporary Piece

"Head High, Tears Dry" choreographed by Anya Petravicz



"I Do Not Own The Rights To This Music"

LDA's Ensemble Piece

"Odiame" choreographed by Andrew Matte

"I Do Not Own Rights To This Music"


Maria Rineer said...

Lovely pictures! Love the leaping photos!! Diana looks so graceful and beautiful. Great job to all of the dancers!!

Natasha said...

These photos are so gorgeous! I often wish we had more photos of Rachel dancing but we're never allowed to take photos during dress rehearsals and performances and the professional shots are so expensive.

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