Monday, February 27, 2023

Hello Monday (February 27, 2023)


Happy Monday!  Sarah and I are so happy you stopped by.  If you blogged about your weekend, grab our graphic above and link back up with us below!


The girls have winter break this week.  They are decompressing for a few days before I take them on a little adventure....here is what our little weekend looked like...

Thursday Night

Soul Sisters Minus Suzy

Good for my heart :)

Friday Morning

The girls had a two hour delay due to some snow/ice overnight so I headed to mass first thing with Lea then came home to get my day started...first things first...

just a couple of snow bunnies waiting for the bus ;)

That night it was Friday Night Pizza Night!  Daddy had a gig and I got my hair done and then the girls and I crashed early...I watched the new docuseries "The Murdaugh Murders" on Netflix...oh my gosh such an eye opener...who knew the awful things this family was associated with!?




So happy for another "normal" Saturday morning...Date Walk first thing even though it meant 10 degress- BRRRRR!!  (Insert heart-eyed emojis here) yes Rob is showing you that it was 10 out ;)

Then it was Starbucks and what we call "spilling the tea"...just love this time and don't take it for granted

I dropped Diana at dance and then came home to get organized and our grocery order was delivered so I got everything put away

Rob, Pidge and I decided to watch Mamma Mia as we are getting excited for Diana's show next month!

Tickets just went on sale- can't wait!

It was a relaxing day.  Later on we got ready and headed out to La Caretta for dinner- nothing like a Mexican cheat meal ;)  The Cornelliers joined us and we had a great night!


After dinner, we headed to the 25th Anniversary showing of my favorite movie of all time- Titanic

It is now showing in 3D- I was beside myself

Anyway...everyone loved it but it wasn't without some belly laughs thanks to Miss Tina of course...my stomach still hurts...ha!!


Diana hadn't felt well overnight- not sure if she had a little bug or something didn't agree with her so she slept in.  Rob, Pidge and I, along with Papa, headed to mass

Then I made us a nice turkey dinner and most of the day was spent relaxing and watching some movies

Last night Rob and I went for another short walk before hunkering down

What were YOU up to?

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Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

What a nice weekend despite your cold and snow! I kind of wanting one more snow, but now I am doubting that will happen. Love your "spilling the tea" dates!

Andrea Nine said...

I love Mama Mia. So excited for Diana. Also to see what your adventure is with the kiddos. Have fun beautiful.

Astrid said...

Ten degrees Fahrenheit? Wow! I am glad you had a nice weekend in spite of the cold and snowy weather.

Maria Rineer said...

What a great weekend. We had a yummy Mexican meal out with friends on Saturday night, too. Definitely worth the calories!! I had no idea the Titanic was out in 3d. That must have been cool to see ;). Love your dates with Diana and love how you don't take time spent with your kids for granted. Have a great Monday!

Natasha said...

Oh, I'd love to see Titanic in 3D. Sounds fun! We ate way too many meals out and had too much randomness happening on Sunday but it was a pretty good weekend nonetheless.

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

What a great weekend, and all that snow wow! I'm soo ready for warm weather and to get some color on these legs. The Murdaugh fam is insane, I'm obsessed with the trial I watch/listen everyday haha

Ruth said...

What a fantastic weekend! Has it been 25 years since Titanic was released? Wow! I remember going to see it at the movies and then crying all the way home. I'm sure that if Rose really tried she could have made room for Jack! Surely!!

Joanne said...

Oh I would love to see Titanic in 3-D! Though I don't think I could get anyone to go with me as I dragged pretty much everyone I knew to see it back in the day when it first came out. I hope your girls enjoy their break. I'm so jealous; our schools down here all did way with it.

Holly said...

@Ruth I know! We were saying the same thing- too funny!

Holly said...

@Joanne- I did the exact same thing! It is actually a wonderful memory I have with my grandmother and she has since passed :)

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