Wednesday, February 22, 2023

What's Up Wednesday: February 2023


It's the end of February- yeah!!!  March means spring is on the way...woohoo!  Anyway...let's celebrate with my fave linkup of all and share what's up with us....can't wait to see what you were all up to...here is what has been happening here....


What We're Eating This Week

Monday Roasted Chicken and Roasted Veggies

Tuesday Mimi's Spanish Rice (Turkey and Veggies for Mama)

Wednesday Pasta with Broccoli and Cheese (No Meat- Ash Wednesday) (Salmon and Veggies for Mama)

Thursday Chicken Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries and Pickles

Friday Pizza and Salad Night

What I'm Reminiscing About

Lenten Seasons and Easters of Past- this is my favorite time of year in the church

What I'm Loving

What We've Been Up To

Eva had a blast during Immigration Day at School

Mama had a blast at Mohegan with the Fab Four and a Wine Fest

Eva has been rocking three sports this winter- hockey- softball and basketball!


We loved seeing Caden as George in The Wedding Singer at Derryfield

Mama enjoyed some QT with some Faves

Eva made us proud when she won a Kindness Award at school

We loved seeing Diana in "A Reason To Live" and can't wait to watch it again at the upcoming NH Educational Theater Festival

We took these two crazies out for an Italian Dinner and they had a blast

and we had all the Valentine Fun with Crafting...Baking and Making Valentines!

Mama's been loving the E2M program- down 18 lbs and counting!

Back to the gym has felt so great...not only yoga but the hard core cardio and weight training classes...finally feeling like myself again...almost at 100% despite some pain and fatigue but I am getting there and I am grateful- Praise God!

We had a great time at YAGP and loved seeing Diana in her element and so proud of the group and Harry for placing!

Bestie Time is Always Good for the Soul

A Return to MAHRA in person proved to be just what the doctor ordered and I am so excited about the events over the year ahead! Yeah!

Eva has been rocking Family Faith

Date Walks started up again!

Daddy played a gig to benefit Baby Logan

With my girls...no other place I rather be :)

and it will be a Baby GIRL for Kayla and Marshall :)

What I'm Dreading

NOTHING at the moment-  Praise God! :)


What I'm Working On

Recruiting and Business Development professionally

My Health personally

Balancing It All

What I'm Excited About

Seeing the girls on stage again.  Performance Awards are next month as is Mamma Mia at WHS and we also get to see Diana again in her play in a few weeks!

What I'm Watching/Reading

I binged Death In The Dorms on Hulu- great docu-series based on various murders on college campuses- so scary and some good lessons for our students for sure

I am still loving and howling at Abbott Elementary!

Rob and I are working our way through Blue Bloods- SO GOOD

and A Million Little Things returned for its final season- just love this show and will miss it!

and I actually read three books in February...they were

Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore- dreadfully boring- I was so disappointed

Louisa has come to her parents’ house in Maine this summer with her three kids, a barely written book that has a looming deadline, and a trunkful of resentment. Louisa is hoping the crisp breeze will blow away her irritation for her life choices and replace it with enthusiasm for both her family and her writing.

But all isn’t well in Maine. Louisa’s father, a retired judge and pillar of the community, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Louisa’s mother is alternately pretending everything is fine and not pretending at all. And one of Louisa’s children happens upon a very confusing and heartfelt letter referring to something Louisa doesn’t think her father could possibly have done.

Louisa’s not the only one searching for something in Maine this summer. Kristie took the Greyhound bus from Pennsylvania with the $761 left in her bank account and a whole lot of emotional baggage. She has a past she’s trying to outrun, a secret she’s trying to unpack, and a new boyfriend who’s so impossibly kind she can’t figure out what she did to deserve him.

I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts- Kristin Chenoweth


Another disappointment- I love her but this book was all over the place...very manic...next please

From television actress, Broadway star, and New York Times bestselling author Kristin Chenoweth comes I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts, an inspiring high-design, colorful book featuring philosophical-ish musings on connection, creativity, loss, love, faith, and closure. Just like Kristin’s grandmother inspired her to trust her heart and develop her own belief system, you'll be inspired to develop your own life philosophies, as you journey through some of Kristin's most vulnerable and humorous personal stories, in her constant pursuit to make the most out of life.

In each chapter, you'll find:

  • Behind-the-scenes stories from Kristin's personal life
  • High-design, colorful pages of inspirational quotes
  • Engaging prompts, prayers, and inspiring quotes

Oh, and a warning: There will be Bible verses. There will be f-bombs. Read responsibly.

Thank God for Pamela Kelley because she saved the day/month with the next book in the Beach Plum Cove Series set on Nantucket- Nantucket Homes was adorable...another uplifting and quick read...gosh I so needed this one!

There's a new arrival to the island. Kay Johnson, a widow, was a friend of Lisa's mother and is like an aunt to Lisa. Kay is excited to relax and enjoy Nantucket—she’s already signed up for a Needlepoint class. She’s not at all looking for romance, but she is happy to make a new friend in neighbor Walter Sturgess, a widower.

When the story begins, Walter's son Travis, CEO of a tech company he founded in Silicon Valley, and his four-year-old daughter, Sophie, are living with Walter until Travis's new home is ready for them to move in.

That new home is being built by Chase Hodges, Lisa's son, and is located on the ocean, next to the home where Victoria grew up--and is now living temporarily with her parents, since she and Sean—her long-term boyfriend and fiancé, broke up.

When she sees Travis for the first time in many years, Victoria realizes he is in a similar place, since his divorce. She didn't even recognize Travis at first. He had to remind her that they'd once dated in high school, before she dumped him for Sean, the star quarterback. Travis is all grown-up now, but even if she was interested in dating, Victoria has never been anxious to have children, let alone take on someone else's.

Meanwhile, Lisa's online food business was growing steadily until recently when she discovered several competitors making copycat lobster quiches and it is affecting her sales. Marley, her marketing advisor, studies the situation and advises what Lisa thinks is a questionable suggestion- but she's willing to give it a try.

Chase and Beth are also dealing with some unwelcome competition, when Chase discovers that he's losing new business bids to an upstart construction company--that is underbidding by such an amount that Chase can't imagine how they are making a profit.

And speaking of babies, Victoria isn't the only one who isn't sure she wants to have children. Now that she and Tyler are married, Kristen has been thinking a lot about that as well.

What I'm Listening To

Shania Twain's "The Queen of Me"

and Taylor Swift's "Midnights"

What I'm Wearing

Gym Clothes- Business Casual Attire and Jeans with Fun Tops on the Weekends

(I will keep trying to get better at pictures!)


What I'm Doing This Weekend




What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month


Performance Awards- Mamma Mia- St. Patty's Dinner Tradition with the Fab Four- Book Club and my parents returning from Florida :)



What Else Is New?

Patty and I would love you to join us tomorrow for our Monthly Musings Linkup!

We are talking all things Winter Travel!

Check out our Questions...

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Natasha said...

Thank you to God for answered prayers. And I love this time of the church year too, especially the week leading up to Easter. I'm so happy you're back to feeling more like yourself. That's something HUGE to celebrate. Looking forward to Monthly Musings tomorrow!!!

Maria Rineer said...

So much good stuff going on with your kids and with you. Love all the activities that you guys are involved in and how busy you stay. Good job with the weight loss and wellness wins! That documentary about college sounds SCARY to watch with kids in college. I'll have to wait until they're all out of college, lol.

Andrea Nine said...

So proud of you! Down 18! What to go! You are glowing! I bet the Wedding Singer was so good! What a cutie! Bet you Fab 4 have a ball together!

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

Yay Lent is here! I need to come up with some meatless recipes too. And great job on your workouts, just keep going is what I tell myself everyday!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I am amazed at all that you accomplish with your busy life. That is so awesome you had a fun time with your friends. I am not familiar with the e2m program but that is so awesome! I'm looking forward to your link-up tomorrow.

Good Better Best Food said...

Girl, if it wasn't for you I would not have known that I am late for WuW. Mine will probably come on Friday. But I will be joining you tomorrow for Monthly Musings despite my graphic I cannot edit, misfiring cursor and laptop that is on the fritz.

Joanne said...

Yay for dropping that weight! Your meals all sound so good. I've been looking for something new to watch; I'm going to give Blue Bloods a try.

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