Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Currently: February 2023


Hi Friends!  So fun to join in with Jennifer and her currently link up!

This month we are answering what we are: LOVING, FEELING, POSTING, RECEIVING and SEEING

Here we go!





 Pics of My Girls

Eva's teacher took pictures during Immigration Day- can you tell she is having fun?  Ha!

and unbeknownst to me, there was a professional photographer at the "Move 4 The Movement" Event that Diana danced at a few weeks ago.  I was looking through the pics and loved this one and ordered it- here is the proof :)




Cold...from the weather this week AND all of the water I am drinking...brrr!  (4 of these every day plus a seltzer or two- getting in over 130 ounces every day.) How many more days until spring?


This currently post- ha!  Professionally, though, I try to post on Linked In every Tuesday.  Tuesdays get the most hits and I either post some jobs I am working on or a relative article to the HR community.  It is good for my brand and to stay relevant in the marketplace. 


Our numbers from our 2022 Blackout fundraising efforts and our town raised over $30,000!  So proud.  Project Blackout, as a whole, raised over $60,000.  Those funds will go directly to Pediatric Cancer Research and Funding.


Diana's first WHS play on Friday Night- can't wait!  She is in a Senior Student Directed 1 Act Play called "A Reason To Live."  She is playing the mom and we are excited to see how much this stretched her and started to teach her about dramatic acting.

What is new with YOU currently? :)


Jennifer Goodwin said...

That's a beautiful picture of Diana dancing! I know that was a pleasant surprise for you to see. And congratulations on the fundraiser being so successful! I know that thrills your heart. I'm so glad you joined us today!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

This brings back memories of my daughter doing one act, senior directed plays. It was so different from the musicals and a great experience for her! I hope you're having a great week!

Shelly Janac said...

That's an impressive amount of water!! I'm not a fan but it's even harder too get all mine in when it's cold outside. I know it makes me feel better though

Tanya said...

That is so awesome about the Blackout fundraiser. I have a friend who lost her teen son to cancer and its just devastating. Hope you stay warm today!

Joanne said...

Such lovely photos of the girls!! I've been drinking a lot more ice water this past month as well and while I do enjoy it; it does tend to make me feel a bit cold too!

Maria Rineer said...

Abby did a student directed one act play last year at school. I know how excited you all must be to see Diana in hers. Congrats on the fundraiser for pediatric cancer! What an awesome event.

Kym said...

Congratulations on the successful fundraiser, and what a great cause! Visiting from Currently

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Wow! You are so busy with work, the fundraiser, and your girls!

Natasha said...

Congratulations on the fundraiser totals! That is so amazing! Also, this is why I never drink enough water in winter -- I get too cold and drinking cold water just adds to it. Drinking warm (or hot - eww) water is just gross to me.

Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

I forgot about this link up!! That picture is awesome!! I can totally see why you ordered it. Way to go on the fundraising. That is amazing. :)

Good Better Best Food said...

Way to go on the Black Out fund raising!!!!


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