Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What's Up Wednesday: March 2022


Hi Friends!  It's time for my favorite post of the month!  The time when we share "what's up with us!"

Before I get started, I wanted to remind you that TOMORROW is MONTHLY MUSINGS!  Please join Patty and me as we talk all things Spring and Easter!  Check out our questions...

 NOW Back to Business!  Let's chat....

What We're Eating This Week

Monday- Mimi's Homemade Pasta Shells with Sauce and Ricotta

Tuesday- Chicken Quesadillas, Guac and Chips

Wednesday- Cornbread Taco Pie

See the recipe HERE


Thursday- Breakfast for Dinner- Eggs, French Toast Sticks and Strawberries

Friday- Friday Night Pizza and Salad Night



 What I'm Reminiscing About

It's funny.  We went to see the high school's production of Oklahoma last weekend so it had me reminiscing as we did the show during my sophomore year in high school...brought back some wonderful memories!




 What I'm Loving

All of the Middle School "tea" that Diana is sharing...about her show...she is sooo excited...and all of the middle school gossip...just glad she still tells me so much...I don't take that for granted!


 What We've Been Up To

We enjoyed a beautiful and ultra relaxing vacation in Aruba (most relaxed Mama has been in years)

Pidge got a Big Girl Hair Cut!

Diana placed FIRST in the NH PTA Reflections Competition in the category of Dance Choreography

We voted!



 Mama loved watching Sam in the NH Cheer Competition- Windham placed FIRST!



There has been lots of Remi snuggles :)

The Fab Four enjoyed their Annual St Paddy's Day Celebration- this year with an overnight to Beantown

Eva had a blast competing in DI

Eva and Daddy LOVED the return of the Daddy Daughter Dance- unlike Diana, Eva loved dancing with Daddy and he actually got to relax and enjoy himself- HA!

Mama and Diana loved leading the Stations of the Cross at St. Matt's

Date Walks have returned- WOOHOO!

Eva wrapped up her hockey season with Top Gun and she will start with the Cyclones next fall!

Diana had a blast with her Dance Besties when they came to sleepover

and QT with Lea always makes Mama happy

Eva tried out for softball and got placed on a team with the BEST coach and pals AND she was chosen to play on the All Star Tournament Team this Summer- we are so excited!  We loved the experience Ally had on this team growing up and we feel like we are coming full circle!

Mama loves most Tuesdays in the office and before the cold front moved in, it was time for the first iced coffee of the season!

Daddy was appointed Vice Chair of the School Board for his very last term...

and Diana and Ryan got to perform their monologues from Charlie Brown for the board on the same night!

We enjoyed the high school's production of Oklahoma!

and Mama is holding on tight to Saturday Mornings at Starbucks...know these days won't last


We loved celebrating Mimi and Papa Bob's Birthday all together!

and thrilled to watch the girls at the 2022 Performance Awards at LDA!

What I'm Dreading

Nothing at the moment!


What I'm Working On

My Full Time Job- Managing our Household- a Spring full of WMS events and my last season of PTA and finally, Planning for the 2022 Blackout Cancer Charity- woosh- plenty to keep me busy!

What I'm Excited About

Oh so much!  Spring weather...seeing our girls perform on stage again...Easter...Eva's Birthday...and a work celebration next week!

What I'm Watching/Reading

I found I needed to decompress more than ever this month because of how crazy busy work is...with reading and a new obsession...kinda embarrassed to say/write...

I became obsessed with True Crime documentaries...who am I anyway?

Dear Zachary 

(almost as good as "There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane" but close 2nd)

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father is a 2008 American documentary film written, produced, edited, and directed by Kurt Kuenne. The film is about Kuenne's close friend Andrew Bagby, who was murdered after Bagby ended a relationship with a woman named Shirley Jane Turner. Shortly after she was arrested as a suspect, Turner announced that she was pregnant with Bagby's child, a boy she named Zachary.

Kuenne decided to interview numerous relatives, friends, and associates of Andrew Bagby and incorporate their loving remembrances into a film that would serve as a cinematic scrapbook for the son who never knew him. Kuenne has stated that Dear Zachary began as a project only to be shown to friends and family of Andrew Bagby. However, as the events unfolded, Kuenne decided to release the film publicly.[2]

Dear Zachary premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2008, and received a limited theatrical release before being acquired for distribution by MSNBC. It has received critical acclaim and has been noted for its editing and emotional weight. In 2010, after watching the documentary, MP Scott Andrews introduced Bill C-464 (also known as "Zachary's Bill") to the Parliament of Canada. The bill, which helps protect children in relation to bail hearings and custody disputes, was signed into law. Kuenne is donating all profits from the film to a scholarship established in the names of Andrew and Zachary Bagby.[3]

I Love You Now Die- The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter

In July 2014, 18-year-old Conrad Roy died by suicide in his car at a parking lot in Fairhaven, Mass. Police soon discovered a series of alarming text messages from his girlfriend, 17-year-old Michelle Carter, that seemed to encourage him to kill himself. This discovery sparked sensational headlines nationwide, leading to a trial that raised difficult questions about technology, social media and mental health, while asking if one person can be held responsible for the suicide of another.

In 2012, teens Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy fell in love. They lived hours apart and met in person no more than five times, but exchanged thousands of texts over a two-year period. After Roy was found dead in his car in July 2014, what appeared to be a standard case of suicide by carbon-monoxide intoxication took a shocking turn when investigators discovered alarming text messages on his phone. Carter, 17 at the time, had urged Roy to kill himself, even after he had second thoughts and removed himself from his car.

Directed by Erin Lee Carr (HBO’s At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal and Mommy Dead and Dearest) I Love You, Now Die explores the complicated relationship between Carter and Roy, drawing on some of the thousands of texts they exchanged over two years to chronicle their courtship and its tragic consequences. Featuring unprecedented access to the families, friends and communities that were forever changed by this unusual case, the documentary explores the changing nature of the justice system today, following a story that has wider implications for society at large, both online and in real life. The film presents a well-rounded look at a bizarre tale that was a deadly convergence of mental illness, loneliness, pop culture and technology.

In July 2017, Michelle Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the suicide of Roy. In August 2017, she was found guilty and began her 15-month prison sentence in February 2019, following a failed appeal.

I Love You, Now Die includes footage from Michelle Carter’s trial, where the filmmakers had the only camera allowed in court and supplied the pool camera for this historic case. It also features interviews with key individuals in the story, including: Conrad Roy’s immediate family; Joseph Cataldo, Michelle Carter’s defense attorney; Dr. Peter Breggin, an expert witness for the defense; police detectives; and journalists who covered the case extensively.

Alice Is Still Dead

In an intimate and unflinching account dealing with grief, 'Alice is Still Dead' tells the story of a murdered loved one from the victim's family perspective. From the detective's notification to her family to facing the killer in court, we see the pain, anger and heartbreak a family must endure while the nightmare is investigated. The filmmaker is the brother of the late Alice Stevens and, in this tribute, ultimately asks if it's even possible to move forward after such a traumatic event.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

The film tells the story of the 2018 Watts family murders, which took place in Frederick, Colorado. It uses archival footage including social media posts, law enforcement recordings, text messages and home video footage to depict the events that occurred. 34-year-old Shanann Watts and her two young daughters disappear in Colorado. With the heartbreaking details emerging, the family's story made headlines around the world.

I also binged two great series!


Three women make a series of life-changing decisions following the death of a childhood friend.
Life and Beth

After an unexpected incident, Beth starts having flashbacks to her teen self and learns how she became who she is and who she wants to become.
I was also a reading machine...it helped that I stuck with a light, romantic series that I love...I am reading the Beach Plum Cove Series by Pamela Kelley! You will see below that I made it through the first four books in the series!

First was

The Nantucket Inn

Next was 
Nantucket Neighbors

Nantucket White Christmas

and next
A Nantucket Affair


What I'm Listening To
It has been a lot of the Charlie Brown soundtrack in the car so Miss Thing can practice...1.5 weeks until opening night!

 What I'm Wearing

It is a constant battle right now between thinking and dressing spring and bringing out all of the Lilly


to dealing with the tail end of winter and keeping on all of the black...sigh

What I'm Doing This Weekend

So looking forward to this weekend...Friday night I will get to have a cozy night at home after I pick Eva up from dance...yeah!  Daddy has a gig and Diana is going to a ballet.  Saturday means getting lots of errands done and hanging out with our besties that night for dinner and Sunday will mean mass and getting organized for the week BUT the girls and I are especially excited to take them for their dress fittings for Kayla's wedding- YEAH!!!!



What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month


Seeing Diana as Sally in the WMS Production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown"...so excited!



 What Else Is New?


Really looking forward to our Easter traditions too...especially the Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday Evening



That's a wrap!  Can't wait to see what you have been up to!  Linking up for What's Up Wednesday HERE




Natasha said...

So much excitement going on! I too am excited about the return of dance performances next month and our church is also doing a Stations of the Cross. We don't do one every year so I'm excited about it! And YAY YAY YAY for all the good things happening for your girls -- softball and hockey teams, dance awards and plays!

Good Better Best Food said...

Oh yes, when the teens wanna talk, we have to drop everything and listen. So glad your girl talks to you.

Can't wait for our link up tomorrow.


Joanne said...

I get a bit of grief for picking Alec up from school each day and not making him take the bus but he chats with me the whole way home and I love hearing stories about his day! I know it's rare for a 16 year old to want to talk to his mom but I am loving it and know that it will all change in the next year or two when he starts driving himself around.

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