Monday, March 28, 2022

Hello Monday! (March 28, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  We had an amazing weekend!  It truly felt like spring and it was chalk full of quality family time!  If you blogged today, please grab our graphic above and link up with us below!  Sarah and I would love for you to join us :)


Here is what it looked like...


Friday Night 


Lea and I met for a quick dinner and then met the rest of my fam at  the high school after Rob got them from dance and acting so we could all enjoy Windham High School's production of Oklahoma!  It was such a great show!


 We were supporting some family friends :)






After the show the night before, Diana had one of her besties sleep over so she was slow going Saturday morning.  We decided that we would let her take her time getting ready and we were still able to get our Starbucks date in before dropping her off at Ballet.


We then made it a family walk instead of a date walk- Eva and Remi joined us and he got a great run in... made Mama walk twice as fast! HA!

 (he was pooped after and giving me the sink eye)

Then Rob and I started the documentary series "The Thing About Pam" with Renee Zellweger...wow...anyone else watching?  So so good


Later on, I picked up Diana and we went to get new ballet shoes so she would be prepared for Performance Awards.


When we got home it was time to get ready for Mimi and Papa Bob's Birthday Dinner Celebration.  We all met at our house and then drove 40 minutes to Tuckaway Tavern BUT when we got there at 4pm, there was a 3 hour and 45 minute wait (no restaurant is worth that- just craziness).  I went into crisis mode...thought quickly and called Zachary's Chop House in Windham and they got us a table right away.  We drove the 40 minutes back to town and got in before the dinner rush.


Thank GOD everyone loved their meals and we enjoyed some laughs and catching up!



After dinner, we headed back to our house for the birthday cake and pie and the serenading :)



My Brother has a hobby of records- he goes to record shows and loves going through different ones and collecting them...while at a show recently, he snagged an awesome record for me...from one of my favorite movies growing up...."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" starring the now famous Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt (and Oscar Winner) and Shannon Doherty...nothing like it!

We crashed hard!





We were up bright and early and headed to mass...have I mentioned that the Lenten season is my favorite season in church all year?


Then it was time to get home and get the girls ready for their Performance Awards...


one of my favorite days all year...the day the kids demonstrate what they have been working so hard on and they get judged by one of the AAB (American Academy of Ballet) judges who flies in from another country.  The Director of AAB, Lawrence Kaplan, also attended which was such a great honor!


I will have a full post on this day this week but for now we are so proud of the girls.  Eva achieved Gold (the highest honor at her level) and Diana achieved Gold with Distinction and a Scholarship to AAB's Summer Program in NYC (the highest level you can achieve and such an honor)



Last night, we grabbed takeout and watched the Oscars pre show and a little of the actual show but as always, we fell asleep early...what else is new?  Anyway I woke up to all of the news reports and Will Smith hitting Chris Rock...wow...interested to learn more.



We are ready for another crazy busy week in these parts...trying to breathe and enjoy each day...it is a little overwhelming right now...work is just crazy and though I am not complaining I am stressed...and at the same time trying to keep it all in check and remember not to kill myself and to "balance"



Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Andrea Nine said...

You are so beautiful! And what a great weekend you had! Those sweet girlies do work so hard, dance is such a discipline and the rewards are so incredibly wonderful.

Memphis Bridges said...

Oh, I love a high school play and we are going to one next weekend. Looks like a full, fun weekend!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

It sounds like you are working hard and playing hard:) Sounds like such a fun and busy weekend. Congrats to the girls on their dance awards!!

Rajani Rehana said...

Lovely post

Joanne said...

OH no; so glad the dinner worked out even if you did have to drive a bit extra. I would never wait that long for a table either. It looks like such a fabulous weekend and congrats to both your girls!!

Anonymous said...

I love Oklahoma! Love Girls Just Wanna have fun! I have never heard of that long of a restaurant wait. Agree! Sounds like a perfect mix of activities for a weekend!

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