Monday, February 21, 2022

Hello Monday and Hello Long Island!


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  It was an exciting weekend here!  After work and school on Friday, we headed to Long Island, NY for the weekend so Diana could attend her very first film job!  We just got back yesterday afternoon and it was a flurry of laundry and organizing for the week!  Here is what our little weekend looked like....

Friday Night

We headed out of town and hit with Friday night traffic...haven't had to deal with that in years!  It was so bad that after an hour and a half ,we decided to stop in Worcester MA for dinner and found this fairly new amazing Mexican restaurant called Torito...we LOVED it....we got silly and had fun decompressing!

Then we hit the road again with another couple of additional bathroom stops...the traffic was wild...it ended up taking us over 7 hours to get there- eek!  We made the most of it though and arrived at our hotel at 11:30pm on Friday night

Out hotel was in Riverhead- it was such a cute town with so much to do...right in walking distance of our hotel.  We stayed at Hyatt Place- Long Island East.


We were up bright and early to get Diana ready and then we hit the famous Goldberg's Bagels down the street...we all agreed they were the best bagels we have ever had (thank you New York) 



and then headed out to meet the film crew at their base camp.  I thought we would stay a bit and watch but she seriously didn't want us to and waved bye without even looking twice- she was so excited...a little piece of my heart broke off as we left her there- thank God we know Wes who was part of the team- he took great care of her

So it was just Robby B, Pidge and Me and we went on an adventure....we decided first to drive all the way out to Montauk to see the famous lighthouse and it did not disappoint - it was such a beautiful area and because the ocean was angry that day...we got to witness lots of waves crashing...though it was chilly and windy...it felt great to walk around and get some fresh air!

 There was a little playground there too that Eva enjoyed

 After that, this was spotted on our drive back...if you watched The Affair then you may recognize this restaurant

As we made our way to the Hamptons, I had to snap some pics of the beautiful downtown area

Then we stopped in Bridgehampton and searched out the wineries- we settled on Chandlers Daughters Winery (really only because of the cute name)...Mama did a tasting...Daddy joined in on a little and we had some cheese, crackers and chips for Pidge...the winery was on some beautiful grounds and they heated their outdoor tent for us...I loved trying some new wines to me and even brought home a bottle of one.


This kid- always a card ;)


 Then we headed all the way back to Riverhead to our hotel and decided on hitting the Long Island Aquarium right next to our hotel- Pidge had a blast exploring and Daddy had fun facing his biggest fear- sharks!


After that, we knew we had to have a little snack at a famous restaurant on the other side of our hotel called "Jerry And The Mermaid"- it was such a cute pub and our snack carried us through until dinner later on!


We crashed at the hotel for awhile until we got the texts from Wes and Diana that she would be wrapped up around 6pm.  We got freshened up and headed out to pick her up and headed to a late dinner at The Preston Restaurant

We crashed so hard this night!





We were up bright and early- grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel- stopped at Goldberg's Bagels to take a batch of bagels home that we are freezing for Easter and then hit the road!

We got home in great time- only took us four and half hours.  We met Zach and Zoe for lunch and to say thanks for taking such good care of Remi and then we started getting organized for the week!

We are all grateful Diana got this wonderful experience.  We are not allowed to share photos or info just yet but once the film is released, I will share more.  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Don't forget!  If you blogged today, grab our graphic above and link up with us below for Hello Monday!






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Maria Rineer said...

What great pictures from your exciting (for Diana) and fun (for the rest of you) weekend on Long Island. Cannot wait to hear the details when you are able to share them about the movie!! Have a great Monday :).

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It looks like you all had a great time on Long Island. Thanks for hosting the fun and the blog visit. Enjoy the week. :)

Sunshine and Books said...

That’s so exciting for Diana!! It looks like you guys had a great day while she was filming! Have a great week!

Tanya said...

A film!?! What an amazing opportunity! Sounds like it was a great weekend getaway for all of you. Thanks for the link up!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

What a great weekend! If you were a tiny envious over my cozy and quiet weekend, I am equally so of yours spent on an amazing road trip! I love the Northeast and hope to get back there someday...preferably sooner rather than later. My husband and I traveled all over that area as part of an extended honeymoon 25 years ago and we both want to go back. I'd love to do Boston and Nantucket as well, but I'd be happy with going back to upstate New York and Maine again. Looks like you all had a great time in spite of the long time it took to get there!

laurensparks.net said...

Looks like a fun excursion!

Ruth said...

Wow!! what a fun weekend, really look forward to hearing more about the movie. Long Island holds a special place in my heart as I was lucky enough to visit family there many years ago!!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

What a fun adventure and a great opportunity for Diana! Can't wait to hear how it all works out.

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