Tuesday, November 10, 2020

10 on the 10th: Thanksgiving



Hi Friends...thought I would join in on the fun this month and share more about our Thanksgiving traditions and plans...
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hey no better time to do so!

Will you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? Football? Movies?  We always have the parade on in the background while I am cooking in the kitchen....it goes on once we get back from our Turkey Trot and then it goes off and music goes on as my guests arrive

Who does the cooking?  Fix anything ahead of time?  We all pitch in- it is wonderful- Rob and I do the turkey, one kind of stuffing, the green beans, corn , squash, peas, and apple pie...My Mom does another kind of stuffing, sweet potatoes, onions and cookies and pie and my Father In Law does French Pork Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes. This year Lea is making another side and bringing a blueberry pie :)  See our 2020 Thanksgiving Menu Below!

What time do you eat the big meal?  We usually will start cocktails and apps at 12 or 1 and dinner follows suit around 2.

Do you set a formal table or keep things more casual? Place cards? Children’s table?  Pretty formal and this year we will have our first kids table too-can't wait!

Is the food placed on the table or served buffet style?  Because we always have so much, I set up the food in a buffet style in the kitchen and then we all go back to the dining room to eat...it stays less cluttered and more organized this way

Ham or turkey?  What’s for dessert? Who carves the meat? Turkey all the way...Rob always carves it for me and dessert consists of a few pies and my favorite cookies that my mom makes..Applesauce Jumbles (they have chocolate chips in them and cream cheese frosting- to die for)

Does your family have a Thanksgiving tradition?  Several of them...a Thanksgiving Eve Get Together....walking the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Morning...and then I go  Black Friday shopping with my bestie Cass and then usually it is Nutcracker all weekend...this year, this coming weekend is our Nutcracker filming so Thanksgiving Weekend will be more low key this year


Yay or nay to leftovers?  Favorite leftover recipe? Yes and we love them in a sandwich format- "Thanksgiving Sandwiches" consist of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo- delish!

What will everyone wear?  Dress up or comfy?  We typically dress up...can't wait to wear my Thanksgiving top from Venus this year :)


For what are you most thankful this year?  My healthy family and despite all of the restrictions...our extra time together...we can never get these years back so I am holding onto them for as long as I can!
Our 2020 Thanksgiving Menu
Appetizers and Cocktails
Mimi's Stuffed Mushrooms
Pumpkin Hard Cider Dip with Wheat Crackers and French Bread 
Cambria Pinot Noir, Caramel Apple Martinis, Hot Buttered Rum 
Main Dinner
Roasted Turkey
Mashed Potato Bread Stuffing
Cranberry Nut Stuffing
French Pork Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans with Bacon and Shallots
Squash Souffle
Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Casserole
Corn Casserole
Onions with Cream Sauce
Dinner Rolls 
Apple Pie
Blueberry Pie
Cranberry Pie
Apple Sauce Jumbles
Hot Buttered Rum


My Glittery Heart said...

Love watching the parade!!

Bri Runde said...

OMGosh, you have to share your mom's cookie recipe... it sounds amazing!!! Love everything about your Thanksgiving! Sounds like such a sweet time with your family, such a special day, and you are creating memories your girls will remember forever!

WatersEdgeIowa said...

Would love to see the recipe for the Apple Sauce Jumbles!

Holly said...

Ok ladies- I will share it this week!

Joanne said...

I was just going to say that you need to get that cookie recipe and share it with us! LOL They sound delicious.

Natasha said...

I too want the cookie recipe! And three kinds of stuffing sounds like heaven :)

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