Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Our Thankful List 2020


I love talking about what we are thankful for.  One of my goals in life is to teach my girls how to appreciate and live in gratitude.


When you focus on what you have and what you have been blessed with and make a conscious effort to do so...you stop comparing yourself to others and you find a peace you didn't know existed....easier said than done...I know!


Back in 2008, I started making a conscious effort to do that...now with my girls....we are constantly reminding them of all of the gifts God has blessed us with....


We all added a few things to our Thankful list...love asking them for things over breakfast....the house is pure chaos...they are trying to eat their breakfasts and get ready for either the bus or logging on remotely and I sneak in one more thing before we all go off to school and work!



Here is what we are thankful for this year....a year when it is really important to focus on the positive...







Mum & Dad











Mrs. Mullen







My New Job





Our Health

Our Flexible Jobs

My Kids' Ages

My Village

Our Home 



Happy Thanksgiving My Friends!  I am grateful for you and this blog...a wonderful creative escape and scrapbook....will see you all tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!


Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

I love this! I agree, it is so important to practice gratitude. Some days it really can be hard to do so.

Natasha said...

One thing we do each night is go around the table and say what we're thankful for from the day. It's a good practice to see that even on the hardest days, there are things to be thankful for. About once a year each person just lands on a day when they have nothing to be thankful for, but it happens very rarely.

Joanne said...

Such wonderful thankful lists! I too find that practicing gratitude helps my overall mood and sense of wellbeing.

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