Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Favorites


Hi Friends and Happy Fri Yay!  Celebrating a very productive and successful week here AND we are heading into Nutcracker Weekend...it was tough getting here...we have been dodging COVID 19 bullets left and right....a few more scares but WE ARE HERE....filming starts this afternoon and goes until midnight on Sunday...Rob and I are going to be wiped but it will be worth it!

Before we get to that, I am sharing a random mess of a few faves from my week.....VERY random so bare with me....just a little fun...and linking up, as always, HERE

Festive Hand Sanitizer

I mean...I am looking for the joy everywhere apparently...just go with it...thank you Bath and Body Works :)

Nail Polish

While we are on festive...this is the next color I am going with...Big Apple Red...can you blame me?  Thinking of our festive weekend in NYC last year and have a pain in my heart :/

Lululemon Vest

I LOVE puffer vests but this one takes the cake...so comfy and shimmery...you can wear it with sweats or dress it up...very versatile and great investment!


AND it has a hood...FTW!


Trader Joe's Finds


My favorite recent snack has been this dip with grain free crackers I buy on Amazon...so delish and low carb

Holiday Vegetable Hash


Friends...this is a gem...I stir fried it and served it with a pork roast last weekend BUT you can even put it in a stuffing...so full of flavor and oh so fall!

Favorite Quote/Scripture

I found this in some scripture I was reading one morning and it really stayed with me...needed to find it so it would be here and I can reflect back on these words....

See what I mean?  A big ole random mess for you this morning.....until I go....here is a shot of Diana getting her hair prepped for Nutcracker weekend...this is Claribel..."our hair magician" as we call her...she is really part of our family now and we are so grateful for her!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Good Better Best Food said...

Enjoy Nutcracker weekend! I am going to have to try that blue cheese spread and also the veggies! Ready for this...I also have a new puffer vest on my Friday Faves today too.

Happy weekend friend,

Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

Good luck at the Nutcracker! How exciting that you can still have it. :) And yes, red nail polish is where it is at. :)

Rechelle said...

Now I need to pick up some of that Holiday vegetable hash ASAP! Enjoy the festive weekend, stay safe & heathly ;)

Joanne said...

Best of luck with Nutcracker weekend!

Tanya said...

I can't wait to see more of the Nutcracker performance! It really does feel like dodging bullets with covid right now, doesn't it?

Bri Runde said...

Oh my goodness, you have a busy, EXCITING weekend ahead! Hope it all goes well and is super fun! Can't wait to hear about it, Holly!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

That Holiday Hash from Trader Joe's looks so good! Good luck on the Nutcracker this weekend...glad that is is happening!

Natasha said...

I hope Nutcracker weekend went well. I know it looked different but hopefully some of the same memories were there. Your post is REALLY making me wish Canada had Trader Joes! And yes, I miss NYC :( I want to go back...

My Glittery Heart said...

How was the Nutcracker? Ella is loving the Bath and Body works hand sanitizers. the girls put them on their bookbags, binders, and lunch boxes!

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