Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween Weekend Recap and Hello Monday!


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  This weekend, we enjoyed Halloween and started planning for Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas so we, I mean I, may be having an identity crisis- ha!  Anyone who knows me is not surprised...they just go with it and #followthejoy


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to recap our weekend and say Hello Monday!



Friday Night


After a day of snow, UGH....I was ready for some girl time...too early for this nonsense and we got 4 inches!  Anyway, I digress.... I enjoyed a girls' night and it was much needed and good for the soul!  It was our friend Suzy's 16th wedding anniversary and her husband Jimmy passed away 6 months ago after battling esophageal cancer for over 5 years...she requested a girls' night out for dinner and laughs and she got just that.   


We headed up to Portsmouth (my favorite town in America) and hit a shop that has such funny gifts...the laughs started there....then we walked to Surf for some oysters and a cocktail...it was wonderful...we were the only ones in the shop and then pretty much the only ones in Surf!


 From there, we walked to find the restaurant where we had dinner reservations but because I was struggling with the map on my phone, our laughs got more intense and we could barely walk to find our next destination...I knew my stomach would hurt but it was worth it AND worth so much more to hear Suzy laugh and laugh....my heart was warmed!  Portsmouth was decorated for Halloween too- so cute!



When we FINALLY found our next destination- Wrangler- we laughed some more and cheered ourselves on- ha!  It is such a funky little spot and the food was delish!  The cocktails were a bit "smokey" which caused even more laughs....in between laughing, I got to have a heart to heart with Suzy about her hubby and how she took care of him until the very end...she is the most inspiring person to me...so strong....so warm and able to live the best way she knows how for her two sons...we shared some tears...and then more laughs when I made fun of Beth Ann's cocktail and her and Laurel's love for "the shrub cocktails"



Suzy requested that this be an annual tradition...it is exactly what the doctor ordered and we all were and are happy to oblige!






Rob and I started our day with my very favorite part of the week- Our "Saturday Morning Date Walk"...to say it was a little chilly was an understatement...hello 19 degrees- eek!  That is REALLY COLD for October in New England...that is more like February weather but it was sunny...the snow was over and we bundled up and sucked it up! 


When we got home, the chaos ensued....Diana got dressed for her Saturday morning ballet class and they were asked to wear some type of costume, so we threw a halo on her and called it a day...it was funny when she said "I am actually the opposite of an angel"...we had a laugh...at least she is self aware ;)

and...our dishwasher died so we had our repairman here replacing it with our new one...and while he was doing that, I had to whip up our Halloween appetizer for Lea's house later on...I went with the Halloweeno Jalapeno Poppers...they are little mummies..cute right?  Thanks again to Pinterest for the idea!

and then my mom "Mimi" came over for a spooky breakfast...she wanted to see Eva in her costume and I got her to stay for quiche and skull cinnamon rolls...I can't help myself...I need to go with themes


and then Diana got home to spend some time with Mimi too :)  She spoiled the girls with Halloween baskets full of candy....eek!

Later on, after more running around, we got dressed in all of our garb.....

Eva was Dorothy (if you couldn't tell)

 and Diana and a couple of her pals dressed as the Mean Girls (Sidenote: we were supposed to see the show on Broadway during April vacation but I am sure you can figure that one out....and it won't be happening in 2021 either as Broadway will be closed through at least May)...so they brought Mean Girls to Windham ;)

Costumes were required so Rob and I went with our favorite medieval...he loves Game Of Thrones...I haven't seen it yet but I went along with one of his faves....we wore old costumes we have had

 Then we headed to Shelley's to pick up our rented golf cart and drove to Lea's for a spooky Halloween dinner and some fun photos....

Have I mentioned that Lea is the Queen of Halloween?  Best decorations...best costumes..you can't help but get into the spirit!

 Then it was time for Trick or Treating....we were so impressed with how safe everyone made it....the big theme was tables at the end of driveways with candy bags...the kids made out like bandits and had so much fun...we were so happy for them to get a "normal" Halloween!

 and after Trick-Or-Treating, we headed back to Lea's to catch up with friends....and warm up by the fire pit!

We headed to mass and did our part in contributing to "Operation Gratitude"...the girls donated a bunch of their candy to the troops...warms my heart


and then Nutcracker rehearsals ensued...and Mama got started on Christmas decorating...would you expect anything else?

I plan on doing a full holiday tour this season...stay tuned and hope you enjoy your week!


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

19 degrees?! Eeks that is freezing. Glad you had a fun Halloween weekend. Love those Christmas pillows!!

Bri Runde said...

What a wonderful Halloween weekend for you guys! Well, minus that cold and bit of snow!!!!

Pamela said...

Great photos of a fun night out and your Halloween. I put my tree up this weekend, no ornaments yet, just the twinkle lights which is what we all need right now. Have a great week!

Tanya said...

What a fun Halloween! It looks funny to see costumes with snow in the background! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

Maria Rineer said...

I´m glad you had a great weekend. It looks like you had a blast the entire time! I made your cheese ball that looks like a pumpkin and the ghosts in the graveyard dessert on Halloween. My husband commented that I must have been on Pinterest. I was like, nope, I got these ideas from a blog I enjoy reading :).

Joanne said...

Yeah I was not a happy camper with all that snow this weekend either! But I reminded myself that I do love how it looks so I snapped some photos and just sucked up the cold. I think your annual girl's night sounds fantastic. She is so lucky to have friends like you in her life.

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