Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday Favorites- October 8 2021


 Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  WE MADE IT...can I get ....forget it...I digress...I am tired but loving that it is FRIDAY- yeah!  As always, linking up with the lovely ladies HERE and sharing some faves from our week!


 Fave Recent MEMEs

and this one I had to send to Lea...this is SO HER...we were dying...ha!

 Fave Moments Of The Week

Bus Stop Shennanigans


Surprise Sushi Night!


Gym Class Wednesday Morning and loving the PINK for October :)

Fueled Up and in the office!  Tuesday was an awesome day- spent the morning with my colleagues in our office and then had my first client visit and client lunch in 22 MONTHS!  It felt surreal!  It was so great to see a full office and a packed restaurant with professionals- I wanted to do a dance- ha!


Side Note: I followed Shay's advice for a much less caloric fall treat at Starbucks (if you like pumpkin flavors or the PSL and want to be healthy, this is a great alternative!) Grande Pike with 2 pumps of pumpkin and 1 splash of cream- delish!

On Mondays, I pick up Eva from school and bring her to dance.  I was waiting in the car pick up line and this bugger wouldn't leave me alone...of all people...I was sweating as you can imagine...eek!

BUT the quality time with Eva, although short, can't be beat...grateful that I can spend a half hour with her and hear all about her school day...warms my heart...especially when she wants to show me what she is learning...

and lovin on Remi- Rob got the best picture when he brought him to the groomers- he LOVES going and especially loves the brush they use :)


and NYC planning...so excited for a little weekend adventure- dinner at Oceana, tour of 9/11 museum and memorial- dinner and show (Megan Hilty) at Feinstein's/54 Below..and some shopping and other pit stops along the way...woohoo!


and a beautiful fall night sky...

Orin Swift Wine Night

I hosted wine night last night and we tasted the best wines ever...Orin Swift Cellars in Napa produces some great wines...my friends introduced me to some and we decided to make this group a vertical tasting night and tried all of their wines...they were incredible...the names and labels are very entertaining too!  We had a great night of deep convos, many laughs, delicious wine, apps and desserts...so good for the soul!

Trader Joe's really came through for me too and dialed up my appetizer game...I am sure you will recognize their fall tortilla chips and harvest salsa here...I also put together a charcuterie with their wonderful cheeses, cranberry pumpkin crisps and pumpkin greek yogurt dip and of course Cass's snack sausage ;)

The desserts were amazing too- we were spoiled with Beth Ann's fudge cake and then I put together a chocolate platter (thanks again Trader Joe's) and snagged a pumpkin cheesecake (yup TJ's again) and also got The Cake Boss's Famous Chocolate Peanut Butter Jack-O-Lantern cake off Gold Belly.

and my friends are such great cooks- we were spoiled with the most delicious appetizers...

Such a great night!


 Fall Recipes


Now if you missed my post yesterday and you are looking for some fun and delicious fall recipes, check it out HERE

Love at first bite (or sip!)


  That's a wrap..hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend!


Rechelle said...

Always love to see your wine nights! Happy weekend :)

Maria Rineer said...

I love all the memes and the pictures of the food- wine I can do without but good food speaks (longingly...) to my soul!! I hope to head to TJ's this weekend. That fall food looks soooo good! Glad you have gotten to spend QT with friends and family.

Joanne said...

You always look like your living your best life! Those sayings are all fantastic.

Sunshine and Books said...

What a great week! I need to catch up on my blog reading and get to your thursday post. I love that pumpkin cheese ball! Having an in person client lunch must have felt so good!!! Woohoo!! Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer White said...

That’s how I order my pumpkin coffee at Starbucks now too! I love your wine night photos. So fun!

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