Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favorites (October 22, 2021)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Hope it is a great one!  Here are some faves from our week

Fave Recent MEMEs


Fall Fashion Colors

I am so drawn to rust and various shades of orange this time of year.  Check out this adorable sweater I snagged from Wooden Ships...hysterical right? ;)

and I love pairing this rust color with navy...so fall!

Halloween Fun on Snapchat

I blame Lea for this silliness- HA!

8th Grade!  How did this happen?  UGH!


My Diana Mary...a.k.a Monkey

Book Club #20- Yoga Pant Nation
A few of the OGs had an awesome time at Laura's this week celebrating our 20th Book Club and one of our faves- LOVE Laurie Gelman's Class Mom Series!

World Ballet Day 

World Ballet Day was this week...I posted my obligatory collage...

and got treated to a video of Diana hard at work preparing for YAGP with Mrs. Mullen

New Blog Photos!

Did you notice some new pics at the top of my blog?  Had to update them...especially the kids...they have grown so much since that last pic!

Old Pics

and New!

and leaving you with this...Diana says this is me and I am dying laughing because it could not be more dead on....HA!!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Maria Rineer said...

Love the new pictures at the top of your blog-updated and darling at the same time. Love the memes as usual and your pics of National Ballet Day. Have a great weekend!

Natasha said...

I love the new blog header photos! And that meme about the stupid daily walk for my stupid mental health -- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

love your new blog pictures! Ooo I need to read Yoga Pant Nation!!

Joanne said...

Love the new photos and somehow as the perfect host I can totally see you being like that video! LOL They'll really appreciate that one day too.

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