Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Not Just A Mom: Busy Nights


Hello!  Today I thought I would join Jenn and friends and join in on the NJAM linkup

This month they are talking Busy Nights...oh one of our specialties!

Here is what our weeks look like and how we get through them (sometimes crush them but sometimes we are in survival mode!)



I meal plan for the month typically but when I fall behind, I still ensure I have planned two weeks ahead

 This is what our plan looks like this week:

Monday- Weight Watchers Lasagna (I snuck spinach in)

Find the recipe HERE


Tuesday- Chicken Caeser Salads

Wednesday- Leftover Pork Chops, Green Beans, Roasted Potatoes and Apple Sauce

Thursday- Weight Watchers French Onion Chicken Bake with Broccoli and Rice

Find the recipe HERE


Friday- Friday Night Pizza and Salad Night!


On Sundays, I start the grocery list and Rob finishes it...he loves to do the grocery shopping so I let him do his thing.  Sometimes I still need to stop at the store for a few things during the week but that is usually only when we are having company and I need a special ingredient or two.


Meal planning has helped to eliminate so much stress in our lives...there are so many other things to be stressed out about and I feel it is important that we try to eat together as much as possible...this is when the kids chat and we learn about their days or funny things going on


Tuesdays are the most challenging for us however, as I am in the office and try to race home (but traffic...sigh) Diana starts dance at 3:00 and doesn't get home until 9pm on these days.  As a result, she has a snack at home and brings other snacks to dance.  She eats dinner and does her homework late on Tuesdays. I don't get to see her until 9ish on this day.  Eeek!


The rest of the week it is all about getting homework done immediately after school and then we eat as a family and head off to dance/hockey/soccer. 


Rob and I are a true team.  We "tag team" as I call it.  We share drop offs and pick ups and I have volunteer meetings sprinkled in there too and on those nights, he does it all.  My Father in Law also helps us so much!


He picks Eva up from school on Thursdays and brings her to dance for us.


It is a true balancing act!  I am grateful for these days.  These are the days as they say.  The happy days.  I feel it is a privilege to raise these girls and be part of their happy worlds. 


That is how we do it...or how we are surviving...depending on how you look at it ;)


Joanne said...

I think outside help is key when things are super busy! A good support system is a must. Your menu sounds delicious!!

Natasha said...

Wow! Six hours of dance! That's a lot! And yes, our family would really struggle with busy nights if it was just one parent doing it all.

All About That Mommy Life said...

It's so great to hear you have a "team" to help! I love that mentality!

Maria Rineer said...

It is great that your husband likes to grocery shop. Meal planning makes so much sense!

Jennifer White said...

I love that Rob does the grocery shopping! We “tag team” as well. I’m so thankful to have Travis be a big help!

My Glittery Heart said...

I miss the busy nights! Now that Ian drives, I'm not as needed :(

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

You really seem to do the family/work balance so well! I am always so impressed with your delicious dinners!!

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