Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Favorites (October 15, 2021)


Hey Hey it's FRI YAY!  My favorite day of the week!  Hi Friends- thanks for stopping by!

Sharing some faves from our week and linking up HERE


Remi Turned One!

Wednesday was Remi's Birthday and he turned 1!  Yeah!  We showered him with extra love and attention all day and sang to him and made sure we put a candle in his food.  We did not want to tempt fate and try a puppy treat or a Puppacino as the girls were lobbying...his stomach is just too sensitive but I think we adjusted perfectly ;)

Favorite Recent Skincare/Makeup Products

So my pet peeve is when I find a product that I adore, it always gets discontinued!  BOO!  Certainly not a fave- a few come to mind- Urban Decay Eye Crayon in Delinquent (so grateful I found some on Ebay!), Peter Thomas Roth Tinted Moisturizer (original formula) and Bobbi Brown Illuminating Balm in Golden Glow..sigh...anyway... a favorite is when I find a new product that works and I love...let's hope these last!

GlamGlow Illuminating Moisturizer (gives you the perfect glow while also moisturizing your skin!)

Tarte Sea Surfer Curl Mascara

This one just has the wow factor- looks like you curled your lashes instantly!  Love it!

Bobbi Brown Nude Drama II Eye Shadow Palette

Even though I only use two of the colors, they are my absolute fave!  I put the chocolate brown on my lid and I highlight with the light bronze shimmer shadow...addicted!



 Fave Moments Of the Week


Columbus Day Lunch Time Walk with My Girl


 Working with the Boston Marathon on in the background...I had butterflies...I was so excited that this amazing event returned...one step closer to normal...



Traffic on Tuesday...yes traffic...never was a favorite before but I was not mad...I felt like wow!  Everyone is headed back to their offices...there are people around me again and I LOVE PEOPLE...ha!!



Sunrise at Griffin Park

Cass and I usually meet up at the gym a few days/week but on Wednesday we decided to stay in our beautiful town and head back to an old friend- Griffin Park for a nice walk...it was awesome...



Lunch with Lea


Thursday I snuck in a quick lunch with this Queen of Halloween...oh the strategizing we do...Halloween is a serious business ;)



Eva's "Pidge" School Pictures came in- I LOVE THEM but my heart is breaking at the same time- 2nd grade!  Why does she look so grown up??  



That's a wrap- short and sweet- we will be toasting the future Bride and Groom this weekend- can't wait!




Joanne said...

We have been noticing more traffic these past couple of months too and I'm trying to keep that same perspective! Hope you have a great weekend.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Oh my goodness your girls look so grown up!! I know the feeling--it is bittersweet. Have a great weekend!!

Good Better Best Food said...

We had the marathon on too, definitely a sign of normalcy in our house! And I had crazy traffic last night. 90 + minutes to get home from downtown. I have been a little spoiled by my commute these last few years.

Have the Best weekend!

My Glittery Heart said...

If Remi goes missing, DO NOT check my house! ;)

Maria Rineer said...

I didn't realize the Boston Marathon was happening in October until I started seeing IG posts by people who ran it. Crazy but so cool! Eva's picture is so cute. She is adorable- still little girlish but you can sort of "see" what she will look like when she's older.

Sunshine and Books said...

I just got the surfer curl mascara and can’t wait to try it. Eva looks so cute in her picture. Your sunrise walk looks amazing! Have the best time this weekend! I can’t wait to see pictures!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday to Remi! And I love that you are happy about traffic -- I need to borrow that attitude next time we're stuck in it :)

Jennifer White said...

Happy birthday, Remi. I love Eva’s school photo. My kids missed picture day this year, but make up is next week!

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