Monday, October 18, 2021

Hello Monday! (October 18, 2021)

 Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  What a fun-filled weekend here!  

Here is what it looked like...

Friday Night

I dropped the girls off at the studio for their dance, voice and acting classes and went home to whip up a clam chowder for the big shindig on Saturday

Rob and I later went to pick up the girls and we grabbed dinner next door and proceeded to complete our family faith lesson for the month


8th Grade ;)



2nd Grade ;)


Then we went home and crashed!


We started with our date walk...yes it was still dark....

but then the sun came out and the foliage was beautiful!


Then I took Diana for our little date...Starbucks was sold out of most things...have you found that where you live?  It is crazy!  Having a definite supply issue....so we headed to Dunks for a change....

I then dropped her off at dance and did all the things....made cocktails...cleaned up and then started running....picked up the cake...picked up the flowers and got decorating (and had the best little helper) :)

Rob did the yard for me and some more running around and then picked up the balloons

The caterers came over around 1 and got cooking...Eva had one Nutcracker rehearsal and we just made it all work!

Saturday night was a wonderful night celebrating Kayla and Marshall's engagement (more on that later this week!)


We headed to church and then Eva's soccer game...



and then got organized and did the meal planning.  Rob did the groceries and some clean up around the house and I volunteered with costumes at the studio for the Nutcracker...I stayed for the entire five hours that Diana was there- eek!

Eva had one rehearsal last night

When i got home, we had takeout and then Diana and I watched a Christmas movie (don't tell Rob- he was watching the Patriots game in another room) and she talked me into it...I swear...ha!

I went to bed early and slept SO WELL..I was wiped from all of the work!

It was a great one...what were you up to?

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Maria Rineer said...

Can't wait to hear more about the engagement party. How nice that you ordered catering instead of doing everything yourself (though if anyone could pull it off, it would be you!). Those leaves! Perfectly perfect.

Natasha said...

Oh your date walk had the BEST scenery! And I have to say we're going strong with Nutcracker over here and I am loving it! Although, thus far, there hasn't been a lot of parent involvement yet -- I'm hoping that will come.

Joanne said...

OH I bet the party was just perfect! What a fun and busy weekend.

Jennifer White said...

What a fun weekend! The leaves on the trees are stunning!

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