Thursday, October 28, 2021

Monthly Musings: October 2021- Fall Fun and Traditions


Hi Friends!  Thanks for stopping by!  Patty and I hope you will join in on our fun!  We are talking all things FALL!

Answer these questions below and link back up to us!

Ok!  Here we go!

1. What Are Your Halloween Traditions

The last couple of years, we head to the Batsons and we rent a golf cart and go Trick Or Treating in their amazing neighborhood and then celebrate with friends- the kids love it and the adults have just as much fun!



 2. Favorite Fall Activities?


Apple picking, pumpkin picking, The Milford Pumkin Festival, Risotto Night, Halloween, Thanksgiving and all of the associated traditions that go along with our holidays




3. Favorite Fall Recipe?


My Autumn Chicken and Squash Risotto

You can find the recipe HERE



 4. What Beverage Makes You Think Of Fall?


My Caramel Apple Martini :)

You can find the recipe HERE


 5. Favorite Fall Fashion Staple

I would usually say a scarf but it has been so unseasonably warm here this year and I have only worn a scarf once so far!

Exhibit A

 So this year?  I will say my Red Sox Hats- WOOHOO!


6. Do You Decorate for Fall?  Halloween?  Both?


BOTH always...this year, we decorated for Fall in September and then after the engagement party, decorated for Halloween so we could enjoy the decor for a few weeks anyway!



 7. Bonfire?  Corn Maze?  Hayride?

I would say a tie between Bonfire and Hayride!

I am claustrophobic so Corn Mazes and me do not mix.  LOVE a good ole hayride but in recent years, it has been all about the fire pits and bonfires!



8. Apple Pie or Apple Cider?

Would have to say Cider!


9.  Favorite Type of Apple?

I would say Cortland..my Mom always said they were the best for baking and I like the tart taste of them 


10. What Are Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

We have so many and I LOVE them all: Thanksgiving Eve with Friends and Family, Doing the Turkey Trot with the kids Thanksgiving Morning, Hosting Family on Thanksgiving, Black Friday with Cass and then Nutcracker the rest of the weekend!  Oh I cannot wait!



So giddy just thinking about all of this upcoming fun and cannot wait to read all about yours!




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Good Better Best Food said...

The renting of the golf cart is brilliant! I am going to try that risotto! Oh Cortland apples, they are so Good for baking.

Thanks for being the Best blogging partner. Happy Friday Eve.

Joanne said...

Sounds like the whole family has a wonderful fall lineup!

Maria Rineer said...

You have so many great traditions! I perceive (never having lived there...) that the region where you live is perfect for fall- beautiful leaves, fall festivals, the origins of the first Thanksgiving, etc.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Oh I agree--I cant wait for the Thanksgiving festivities.

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