Thursday, January 28, 2021

Monthly Musings: January 2021- All About Love


Hi Friends!  Patty and I are so happy that you stopped by!  We hope you will join us for our Monthly Musings linkup!  Grab our graphic above and see our questions below...can't wait to read all about LOVE!



 1. How do I show love?  What is my love language?

Well..it may sound silly to some but I am a 100% Italian and LOVE to cook and entertain...cooking for people is one of the biggest ways I show my love...it means I care...I appreciate you and I am putting lots of work into showing how much I do...so there's that!



2. Any fun Valentine traditions?

I love surprising the girls with candy/surprises at their seats at breakfast time...nothing big but something  carried on from childhood as my mom did the same for my brother and me :)



3. Favorite Valentine Memory/ies?

I loved how we used to exchange flowers in Middle School...it was always so fun to see who would give you a flower and what color it would be- you could choose from red, pink or white BUT one of the most entertaining and "scandalous" memories is from college.  Our college newspaper, The Scrimshaw, would let people pay to put in messages...both direct and cryptic to your loves or friends or whatever...and it got scandalous...I will have to look to see if I still have any of those papers....definitely a highlight each year!



4. Favorite Valentine Treat

CHOCOLATE of course!  It is a weakness and a passion and what better day to indulge?


5. Do I wear Valentine's Day Fashion?


Sometimes....last year, I went casual and wore this baseball tee....



This year, I am dialing it up and will wear this red lace top that I scored on Amazon...so much can be pulled from holiday fashion am I wrong?


6. Valentine's Day?  Love, Like or Hard Pass?

I like it...not going crazy...but I am a sucker for all things love ;)


7. What I think is the most romantic song?


Save the Best for Last...Vanessa Williams


8. Dine Out, Cook In or Take Out This Valentine's Day?

Last year we cooked in.  See our meal HERE

This year, we are going out for a romantic dinner which will also be my one cheat meal for the week...we are going romantic Italian...is there anything better? 


9. Pink or Red?

Pink...duh...Pink Lady and all ;)


10.  Flowers or Chocolate?

I LOVE LOVE flowers all year long but on Valentine's Day, chocolate takes the cake for me! 







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Abby @ That’s Life For Ya said...

Thanks so much for hosting, Holly! I am so glad to link up!

Natasha said...

Oh, my husband and I danced to Save The Best For Last at our wedding. It wasn't our first song but, since we were friends for three years first, and had both dated other people during that time, it just fit so beautifully. Thank you for bringing that heartwarming memory back to me this morning.

When I went to answer the love languages question, I went with the traditional five but I like your take on it. With that perspective, my answer is definitely flowers -- getting them or giving them!

And I love your Valetines' outfit from last year. That shirt is so cute!!!

Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

That is too funny about the school newspaper. I also love cooking (and baking) for others. :) Thanks for hosting!

Ella Williams said...

This linkup was so much fun!! My grandmother is the same way as you...She loves to spoil us with all our favorite treats!!

Good Better Best Food said...

Oh us Italian girls...I am only 25% but it comes on strong with the Food is Love! Thank you my dear friend for being the Best blogging partner and being up for anything.


Rechelle said...

Always yes to chocolate!! Love that red lace top too, perfect for Valentine's!

Maria Rineer said...

I am not Italian but agree that Italian food is romantic. And I am with you 100% on chocolate over flowers (though I do love flowers). I like to give little gifts, too, to my kids on Valentine´s Day.

Joanne said...

Obviously pink! LOL. I think food should definitely be one of the "official" love languages. I love to cook and shower those I love with food too.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I'd like to know more about this college newspaper--lol! That is something I would have loved reading in college...who I am kidding, I would enjoy reading now.

Sunshine and Books said...

I love both of your tops! That is a great song. Dinner out sounds so delicious! Thanks for hosting!

Michael said...

Food is 100% my love language and I'm Italian at heart. :). Valentine's is of no importance to me and we keep it super casual, but we like it.

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