Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Currently: December 2022


Hi Friends!  I am joining Jennifer today and sharing what is happening here...currently....


My NEW Fave Hallmark movie- A Holiday Spectacular- I have watched it three times already :)  Can't get enough!


The Lululemon Belt Bag is the big one this year- for my bestie AND my stepdaughters- I just know they will love it as much as I do :)


Happy to say that Rob and I banged it out last night- a few last minute things will need to be put in bags but honestly my hubby did the bulk of it while I kept us organized- so relieved!


That this holiday season brings those we love JOY



All of the holiday traditions- this coming weekend in Portsmouth with the Fourniers- Sunday to Mary's then Lea's- Zoo Lights are also coming up! 


So...what's happening with YOU Currently?


Jennifer Goodwin said...

I love that belt bag! I think it's one I could get on board with. I ended up giving the one I bought to my niece, because she's young and skinny. Ha! I am with you, girl- the movie and all the things. I love this time of year so much! I want it to slow down! I'm so glad you joined us today! ❤

Natasha said...

I really want to watch that Hallmark movie. When we saw the ads for it Rachel announced, "I'm a mini Rockette for the dance holiday showings" and Dave and I were stunned. So it seems like my next few weeks will be filled with Rockettes, big and small!!!

Joanne said...

Oh I bet that Hallmark movie is fabulous! I always love watching the Rockettes when we used to head into the city this time of year. I have all my wrapping done too; well, other than those things that have not yet arrived of course.

Tanya said...

I can't wait to watch that movie - I've heard lots of bloggers talking about it. I'm also hoping we can go to zoo lights this year. :)

Maria Rineer said...

Impressed that your gift buying and wrapping is just about done! I am nowhere near there. I hope this season is bringing you joy. You deserve it ;).

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