Friday, July 1, 2022

Friday Favorites (July 1, 2022)




Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Yeah!  We are headed into one of my favorite weekends all year...and my favorite holiday- 4th of July!  Can I get a what what?  SO EXCITED....love everything about it....the heat...the water....the QT...and especially all of the Red, White and Blue...and FREEDOM...how about you?


As always, sharing some faves from our week and linking up HERE





He looks all sweet and demure right????

Well he is always a fave but what he did this week was definitely not a fave....Rob and I had gone for a date walk first thing Tuesday morning before work.  I was feeling guilty that night and said we should take Remi for a walk so he can get some fresh air.  Rob said he was going to put on his sneakers and we were just about to head out when all of a sudden Remi was acting crazy.  He stood up on his hind legs, pushed our front door open and took off...I mean really took off...I started screaming...I was so afraid he was going to get hit by a car- Rob pushed me aside, scaled the bushes and ran down our driveway, onto our street and the next street over where the the dog was running...we are lucky he decided to turn left and into our neighbor's yard which slowed him down the tiniest bit...anyway, he headed for their backyard...Rob was close behind and I was trailing as I was in a panicked state and crying....and then Remi turned around, looked at him and tried to reverse direction and Rob made the decision to dive bomb on him...Thank God he did....he caught him and picked him up and walked him home...after he hurt himself of course....he dive bombed onto him on our neighbor's driveway so his knee hit the pavement hard...but he really didn't feel anything until the next day...anyway, later on, I tried to joke and tell him I was very impressed with his speed and that he had "moves like a jungle cat" but he was really not ready to joke about it...we both needed time to settle down...we were so worried he was going to get hit by a car AND I couldn't imagine losing him...ugh...sounds dramatic but it was awful...I was also upset that he wanted to leave us...WTH...are we that bad? ;)



I love these two ....they are such loving crazy cats...so grateful they found each other!

and the sign of a great play date?  Someone wanting to climb in with Mama at 7:30pm ;)


So if you have been reading for awhile then you know I am OBSESSED with Blenders Sunglasses...anyway, while getting my hair blown out last week, I noticed the salon had a rack of Blenders...typically nbd BUT they had the aviator style AND they had green trim...I tried to ignore them but I couldn't...I succumbed to the temptation...sigh....



So my exercise routine for the past few months has consisted of mostly walking with two gym classes mixed in per week.  My gym classes have been the intense ones- the ones that combine cardio and weight lifting...and sometimes in heated rooms.  I have missed yoga but I have had a hard time trying to fit it into my schedule.  Anyway, I returned this week...it was SO HARD....but after, I felt SO GOOD and my body really needed the stretching SO what does that mean?  It means I am going to try even harder now to fit yoga into my weekly routine- I know it is good for me both for the body AND mind.  The class I take is called "Power."  It is intense yoga in a heated room- so tough and so therapeutic at the same time :)

Town Fireworks Night

Oh the hokiest and the most chill night...that is...until we had to pack up in a flash before a storm hit...we still got to enjoy the fireworks...just from our cars but I wouldn't trade the QT with my besties :)

Some Recipes For Your Holiday Weekend!

Ok, one more time, here is the recipe for the  

Rolo Ritz Bars


Red, White and Blue Snack Mix



Cowboy Caviar



Anyway, however you are celebrating this weekend...remember one thing....

I appreciate you all coming back to this little blog and taking time to read my words and truly appreciate all of the support...Happy 4th!


Sarah and I will be doing Hello Monday on TUESDAY next week!  Hope everyone enjoys their holiday :)


Jennifer White said...

I love the sunglasses! Perfect for summer. REMI?! What the heck. What a scare! Homer occasionally escapes...thankfully, he wanders and doesn't take off running...but I also tell him he's got it good! Why would he try to leave us?! You recipes look so good! Those rolo bars...yum! Have a GREAT weekend.

Sunshine and Books said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad you got Remi back safely! And that Rob’s knee is ok. I need to remember to add yoga or stretching into my weekly workouts. I always neglect that and it feels so good to do it. I’m glad you could still see the fireworks! Those glasses look great on you! Good impulse buy! Have a great weekend full of red, white, and blue!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

Your sunnies are so cute. I feel the same way about my dog. I definitely get dramatic over it too. I don't want to lose my pup ever. What happened to your daughters arm? I haven't been around much and just noticed it.

Joanne said...

So glad Remi is Okay; what a scare! I too find it hard to decide between weight lifting/ intense workouts and yoga/ Pilates I know I need both but feel like I'm not getting a great workout with Yoga and feel like I missed a great stretch when I skip my yoga.

Maria Rineer said...

I hope you are having the best weekend! Love the pictures of your daughter and her friend- it is so heartwarming to know your kids have wonderful friends. Sorry about your scare with Remi but thank goodness you have her back. MAKING THE ROLO BARS!! I bought the ingredients and those bad boys are being made today I think ;).

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