Thursday, June 30, 2022

Monthly Musings: Summer Travel Edition- June 2022


Hi Friends!  Patty and I are so glad you stopped by!  It's time for Monthly Musings and this month we are talking all things Summer Travel- yeah!  See our questions below and if you answered them in your blog today, please link up with us below!

Here we go...

1. Favorite Summer Destinations?

Any of the New England Beaches in Maine, NH and MA...as far as I am concerned, there is no better place to be in the summer than on the Northern New England coastline.

2. Do You Prefer Warm Or Cold Trips?

See answer 1- WARM all the way!

3. Are You Traveling This Summer?  Flying?  Driving?

We actually are and for the first time in a long time, we are leaving New England!  If you have been reading for a little bit, you know we flew to NYC last week and in August we are flying to Washington DC- can't wait!



4. Ocean?  Lake?  Mountains?

Yes to all three but if I had to pick one, Ocean all the way!  To me, the ocean is pure bliss :) 



5. Best Travel Tips To Share?


I am a planner...it is hard for me to be last minute or spur of the moment so my advice is coming from that place and that is to PLAN- I like to plan an itinerary beforehand and also make reservations ahead of time, whether they are for excursions or restaurants...I like getting to our destination with a plan so it ends up being pretty relaxing! 



6. Vacation Budget Tips?

I am going to take one out of my Mama's book- you don't necessarily need to eat out three meals/day.  My Mom would always pack us breakfast so we would eat in our hotel rooms before heading out for the day.  Sometimes my parents would also pack a cooler and make us lunch too. That way we were only going out for dinners.  We try to do 2 meals/day on vacation.  It saves money AND time! 



7. Overpacker or Underpacker? 

Overpacker for sure!  My line is always "I have to have options!" Rob is all set with me- ha! 



8. Vacation Planned in Advance?  Last Minute Adventures?

See #5 - I am a planner for sure! 



9. Group Vacations Or Your Immediate Family Only?

I like both- sometimes you are in the mood to travel with families and kids and all of the fun and other times it is more relaxing just to be with your fam 



10. If You Have Them, Do You Travel With Your Pets?

Not yet...wondering if Remi might get in the vacation action eventually....we shall see! 


 That was fun!  Hope you will join us!  Check out our schedule for the rest of our linkups this year below!



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Joanne said...

I've actually been so sad that while we have 2 great trips planned this summer I can't seem to find a way to sneak in any time to heat up to Maine or over to Cape Cod and I am really missing that New England coastal summer in my life. I guess I'll have to make do with Florida! LOL. We won't be going near any beaches but I'm pretty sure I'll be content with the palm trees and hotel pools.

Good Better Best Food said...

Ok girl, you are going to have to let me know when you are in Washington, DC. Let me know if you need any suggestions.

Jennifer White said...

I love this post! So fun. The family photos on the beach are perfection. What great memories. When I was in high school, one of our vacations was to Mass/NH/Maine. I loved it and hope to get back some day.

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I love the idea of packing breakfast if you can on trips. Makes a huge difference. I am all about warm vacations and the ocean too. Look at that white sandy beach! Looks like some fun past vacations!

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