Monday, June 6, 2022

Hello Monday, Hello 8th Grade Dance and Hello Beauty and the Beast! (Are we tired yet?)


Hello Friends!  We are coming off our busiest weekend in several years.  I am tired BUT I am grateful and with every moment, I felt gratitude and truly lived and felt the "privilege".



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Here is what our weekend looked like


Friday Night


I took Diana to the hair salon to have her hair curled for the big 8th grade semi formal dance


Then it was time to head home and paint her toe nails and put on some press on nails.  She did her makeup and then we got her dressed.



Her grandparents came over to see her all dressed up and many tears were shed.



Then her friends and a few of my besties arrived to watch the excitement and take some more pics.


 Once the girls were off to the dance, the adults relaxed with apps and cocktails and decompressed!

Her consensus after the dance was that it was fun...not as fun as she expected..but no drama and nonsense which is a win in my book!  The only ones to dance?  The 8th grade boys!  Can you believe it?  These kids are still crawling out of the COVID isolation and learning how to interact- it is very interesting to watch- nevertheless we call the night a great success!





We were up at the crack of dawn.  Rob and I went for our date walk at 6am- yes it was tough but it was the only chance we got!



Then it was time for a pit stop to Starbucks (Eva joined us for the first time and I wish I snapped a pic but the three of us were too busy chatting about the show weekend)


Then I brought the girls to the studio so they could have their portraits taken and then head up to rehearsal.



While they were there I went grocery shopping.  Usually Rob loves to do it but it was a crazy weekend and the only chance we had and while he was busy with tech crew for the show, I got this done so we were set for the week!  (Got some pics from Daddy of some of the beautiful backdrops)


That night, I made us all a nice dinner and we went to bed early to prepare for the big day.





We were up bright and early again to get started on hair and makeup.


Then we took off for the theater.  Daddy went to work tech crew and I brought the girls and picked up some dance pals on the way.

 (A few pics from Daddy getting us even more excited- behind the scenes...the program...yeah!)


Once I got the kids settled, I headed back home to do some errands and then picked up Papa.  He took me out for a wonderful little lunch before the show.


 A few more behind the scenes shots from Daddy right before the show started!

And then, my friends, it was show time!  It was a beautiful show...we are extra grateful to see live performances again and watch our girls do their thing...it was truly magical and we are grateful.


There was laughter and tears and awe.  Just magical :)



BEST Tech Crew Around!

 Backstage Silliness



The girls and their fans after the big show. 



 Dance Pals!

Woosh...I got tired just writing this post!  Just grateful today!  More than usual :)



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Jaclyn said...

Diana looked beautiful in her dance dress! I know what you mean about it being not as fun as expected...that's what my kids have said about dances recently. Kids are still a little awkward after covid...ha ha ha.

Jennifer White said...

What a weekend! Diana looks stunning! I love all the dance and family photos!

Maria Rineer said...

My kids had dance experiences like that before Covid so possibly some of it is just the age of the kids? Who knows but my goodness, what great pictures of the night! And Beauty and Beast looked fantastic! The costumes, the stage, the dancers' faces full of delight to be there doing what they love. I can see how you're tired and how your heart is full ;).

Rightupmyaliway said...

Wow! What beautiful girls! Everything looks like it turned out perfect! I know you're exhausted, but the looks on the girls faces shows that it was worth it!

Mlehts said...

Wow, I’m tired just reading the post. How happy are we all that things like this are happening again! Everything looked amazing. Time with family is good for all. Random question, but, do you know where your mom got her shoes in the photo with Diana before the dance. They seem like a good heights with a secure band width. Mom is always stylish. I can see where you got your style from.

Joanne said...

What a fabulous weekend!! Your daughter's dress for the dance is so pretty and she looked beautiful. The show photos are amazing and I just love seeing how your kids light up on stage.

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