Thursday, July 28, 2022

Monthly Musings: July 2022- Back To School Prep


Hi Friends!  Welcome to Monthly Musings!  Patty and I are so glad you stopped by!

This month we are talking all things "Back To School Prep"...check out our questions below...

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Here it goes...

1. How do you get organized for the school year?

I keep lists of the clothing items, shoes and school supplies as I buy them for each girl and then also start more serious meal planning. I like to plan meals for the month of September so it is one less thing to do and much less overwhelming!


2. Favorite Places To Shop for Back To School Clothes?

Depends on the girl!  For Diana it is anything from Abercrombie to Sheein and for Eva it is more like Target and Old Navy...I love to shop for Back to School outfits for them!


3.  Do you Meal Plan? Favorite Back To School Meals?  Share a Recipe or Two!

YES!  I meal plan all year which helps to keep us more organized and less overwhelmed.

Tacos are always a fave in our house so we usually do "Taco Tuesday" but last year, on the first day of school we had a Taco Party of sorts and I called it "Taco Bout Going Back to School" .  I made tacos with lots of topping choices, homemade gauc and chips with rice and I decorated.  You can check that out HERE

 and a few fave fall recipes include

Frito Pie.  Find the recipe HERE

 and my Chicken Broccoli Ziti HERE

4. What Are Your Kids Favorite Things About Going Back to School?

Seeing their friends more often would probably top their lists...as well as new clothes...new school supplies and fun lunches again..also it is when their activities start up again...especially dance and that always makes them happy :)

5. Best Place for School Supplies?

It is a tie for me- we always snag supplies at both Target and then Amazon for the items Target doesn't have-these two spots have worked best for us!

6. Any First Day of School Traditions?

The obligatory front step photos with the chalk board and a special meal that night...even though most of the time it is rushed because of dance, etc...it is still an exciting day for all of us!

7. Best Lunchbox Tip

We use cooler lunch bags so they are insulated and to keep different lunches warm like pasta or pizza rolls, we heat up the thermos with boiling water for a few minutes then heat up the food and put it in the thermos and the food stays pretty warm until lunchtime!

8. Buy lunch?  Bring lunch?  Both?

Eva likes to buy 1-2 days/week and brings the other days- this typically changes year to year.  Diana used to like to buy lunch but since COVID, she only wants to bring lunch..we shall see if this changes in high school this year!

9. Does school start before or after Labor Day where you live?


10. Best money savings tip for back to school?

Buy pieces that you can mix and match when it comes to clothing..that way you putting together more and different outfits and spending less!

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Jennifer White said...

The Taco Party is genius and so fun! I love the first day photos :)

Joanne said...

I love that the high school has microwaves for student use so we no longer have to worry about keeping hot foods hot! We have to sit down tonight to make up August's menu and I'm definitely adding tacos to the list. My boys LOVE taco nights.

Good Better Best Food said...

I love that we both shared the hot water Thermos tip! And I am absolutely trying the frito pie. Thanks for being the Best blogging partner.

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I shop Target and Amazon for school supplies too. My girls love Abercrombie a lot now and it gets expensive. Ha. I want to try that Frito pie.

Michele Morin said...

Lots of great back to school memories!

Andrea Nine said...

Look at that taco party fun! And look at those precious schoolgirls! They are going to have a great year!

Carol said...

Thank you for hosting the link-up!

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