Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What's Up Wednesday: November 2021






Hi Friends!  Can you believe it is the end of November?  WOW!  We have been "Nutcracker'ing" and "Christmas'ing" for a few weeks now but let's talk about What's Up!  Linking up with the ladies HERE ... I am answering the questions above....

What We're Eating This Week

It is the BIG WEEK...so that means this week, every year, we make do to get to the BIG DAY...we eat what is in the fridge and cabinets and get through without Mama having to cook big meals...


Monday Leftover Chicken, Broccoli and Ziti


Tuesday Leftover Takeout- Pizza and Quesadillas


Wednesday- Thanksgiving Eve- Appetizers, Pizza and Dessert


Thursday- The BIG KAHUNA.  See our menu HERE


Friday- Takeout on the way home from the big Dress Rehearsal  



What I'm Reminiscing About


The Turkey Trot!  We have been doing it every year since I can remember...here are most years captured....truth be told, we started doing this as a family before I even started my blog in 2007! 


Here is how the last 13 years have gone....


2008- Diana's 1st Turkey Trot!





NO TROT- we rented a beach house this year so we were away






 2013- I was pregnant with Eva and the girls talked me into staying home but the guys kept up with the tradition!


2014- Pidge's 1st Trot!







 2018- Pidge stayed home with Papa- she was "too cold" ;)

 2019- yup she stayed home again - this time with Kayla



The Trot was virtual (thanks COVID 19) so we did our own mini trot in the neighborhood...with tutus ;)




 What I'm Loving

Weekends...when we let Remi in our bed :)

 What We've Been Up To


Rob and I got our booster shots!

 I enjoyed a special lunch homemade by my Mama!


We celebrated Halloween with our friends...



We decorated for Christmas...yes early...we are " Following The Joy"


Diana and I enjoyed a lovely weekend in NYC with the Mazzorannas!

and Cass and I enjoyed our annual Risotto Night!

These besties enjoyed a park and lunch date on Veteran's Day!

There has been plenty of Nutcracker Hair Practice...

and plenty of school board meetings for this crew

Diana got to work with an accomplished choreographer from NYC


Rob's band played a couple of fundraisers

and we are ALL enjoying snuggles....and playing with Remi

Date Walks have continued and it is light out again- yeah!

and we got to celebrate some placements in the office!


Bethany and I rocked the WMS PTA Conference Dinners

Even though I lost big at Trivia Night, I had a blast doing it! Ha! :)

Pidge had her first vaccine FTW!

and the first tech and dress rehearsals for Nutcracker went pretty well!

What I'm Dreading

Nothing at the moment!

What I'm Working On


Prepping for Thanksgiving- I cook one dish per night so I am not overwhelmed and that strategy has worked well over the last several years!


Here is one of our favorite side dishes- Mashed Potato Bread Stuffing

You can find the recipe HERE


What I'm Excited About


ALL OF THE TRADITIONS that this week holds!  Thanksgiving Eve, Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving, the first viewing of Christmas Vacation, Black Friday and ALL of the Nutcracker! 


What I'm Watching/Reading

We finished Impeachment (American Crime Story) on FX and we are telling everyone we know to watch it- we are bummed it's over- even though you know the way the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky story ends, it is very eye-opening and you learn so much more

A Million Little Things

Really getting good again!

Hallmark in between ;)

and I read 2 and 1/2 books this month!  I say 1/2 because 1 was a short story


Blush- Jamie Brenner

Awesome little novel about a family in the wine making business!



Off Season- Jennifer Weiner

One of my favorite authors does it again- short and suspensful- awesome and thrilling short story with a Cape Cod backdrop

and wrapped up the month with such a cute and quick read

Pumpkin Everything by Beth Labonte


Small town romance set in the lakes region of NH so I naturally flew through it!

What I'm Listening To

When it is not Nutcracker, it is Sirius XM Holiday Traditions

What I'm Wearing

Lots of black as you probably guessed and some cute Nordstrom tops that I am loving...going to be pairing them with leather pants later this week!

(glimpse of one of the tops here)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

It's all about Nutcracker!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

All of our holiday traditions....lights....mass.....get togethers...JOY

What Else Is New?

I think I covered it...what's NEW with YOU?

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Natasha said...

So happy you get to Turkey Trot together this year! And what will you do when Nutcracker's over?!?!? Have the best weekend!!!

Patty Good Better Best said...

Oh I may have to read that Pumpkin Everything book. That sounds like a book you and I would love! Love all of your Turkey Trot photos through the years. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Thankful for you girl.


Chelle said...

I admire your dedication to the Turkey Trot!

Joanne said...

We had an easy week of dinners too with all the prep and cooking I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm trying to motivate my baker to get a move on and have things ready early so we're not all in the kitchen at the same time tomorrow but we'll see. I've learned that while he's a great baker so far he works on his own schedule.

Kelly said...

I just got my booster yesterday (poor timing, lol) and have been down for the count all day today. Happy Thanksgiving! Your menu looks delicious!!

Maria Rineer said...

You've had lots of great things going on... love to see the throwback pics of Thanksgiving. Looking forward to hearing about the Nutcracker!

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