Monday, November 15, 2021

Hello Monday and Hello 2 Weeks Until Nutcracker!



 Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  We had the coziest little weekend around here....Here is what it looked like...

Friday Night

Daddy played a fundraiser for the Wolverines and it was a Country theme...Lea sent me these pics of them...they got another funny one for their collection ;)


The girls had dance and theater classes so I picked up pizza and salad and after class, the three of us enjoyed our cozy dinner with some Hallmark in the background...then for dessert, hot chocolate of course!

Diana did her own thing and Eva and I went to get cozy in our bed with Remi...she wanted to watch "her Nutcracker movie."  Remi had other plans- he wanted to play and have a blanket fight and we laughed SO HARD

Oh Remi ;)



It was so good to get back to our date walk after three weeks...we missed it!  Rain and NYC cancelled our last two but we were psyched to get back to this and after Daylight Savings, it was now light out again!  The temps were also mild...again we have had a beautiful fall here!

Then it was time to catch up with Diana before dance....I enjoyed our chat and of course, her hysterical impressions...this one is a Facebook Karen...and maybe parts are me?  HA!

After dropping her off, I ran a few errands.  Picked up the last of our Christmas decorating needs- trees for the planters, greenery and a plant for the mailbox.  Then drove to Nashua to pick up some special pointe shoes for an upcoming exam Diana has and while there, bopped into Trader Joe's for a few things for my Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board- actually two- one for the night before and one for the big day!

When I got home, Daddy was blowing the leaves and Eva wanted to help me so together we decorated our mailbox for the season- she was very proud ;)


Daddy put some lights on it too so it glows at night :)


Then it was ALL Nutcracker...we are two weeks out...so starting this past weekend, there are hair trials and makeup purchases etc.....and of course,rehearsals all weekend...grateful Diana keeps me calm and helps me out when I am struggling...


Doing the french braid for Baby Mouse 


and this kid...can't put books down :)


For the five minutes I got to sit this day, someone needed to snuggle...he kills me

That night, Daddy played another gig- a theater fundraiser for our local group WAG- he and is band played and it was another successful event (actually part of a global theater event taking place that night all over the world)

The girls hung with Papa and I headed out to grab some cocktails with the Dance Moms and we did our annual Nutcracker venting...HA!

Judy...always being silly



We relaxed with our coffee for a bit and then headed to mass.  After that, it was all Nutcracker.  There was more leaf blowing by Daddy and then he helped me finish the outdoor decorating 


and Remi is supervising, as always ;)



I then practiced Eva's hair for Polichinelles

and we headed to the studio so she could go to rehearsal and I could attend the Party Children Hair meeting...so fun!  

Last night, the girls decorated their individual Christmas trees in their rooms..pictures to come soon!

Loved our little weekend!  What were you up to?

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Natasha said...

We're heading into Nutcracker all the time over here too on our weekends and I wish I had other dance moms to vent with. It's a lot overwhelming the first time :) And Rachel is doing an extra performance with our local symphony (sadly, it's virtual) so that also adds to the insanity.

We spent Friday night watching Hallmark movies too :)

Sunshine and Books said...

That is a great weekend! I love all of your Christmas trees and lights! It is so great that you can laugh through the Nutcracker stress! Have a great week!

Joanne said...

We got all kinds of outdoor chores done this weekend and, of course, plenty of baking too.

Maria Rineer said...

All the dance stress is worth it, though, right when you see your girls on stage?? I am looking forward to seeing pics and videos if you can video. You managed to have lots of fun and family time in addition to getting things done. Good job!! (You could be a life coach :))

My Glittery Heart said...

Oh Remi! Love all your touches of Christmas!

Jennifer White said...

What a great weekend! I love your front porch trees.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Our local high school participated in the All Together Now performance. I was sad we couldn't make it work. Your house looks so festive BTW!

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