Thursday, November 18, 2021

Monthly Musings: Holiday Preview Edition


Hi Friends!  Welcome to Monthly Musings!  Patty and I hope you will join in on our fun by answering the questions above!  What brings more JOY than the holidays and your traditions?  Here we go!


1. Share your favorite holiday traditions

There are so many!  Festival of Trees with My Mom, Zoo Lights with Mimi and Papa, Jammie Christmas, Christmas Eve and Seven Fishes....so much joy!



 2. Do You See Holiday Lights? Driving Tour On Your Own?  Attend a park or festival?

A little bit of both!  Jammie Christmas is when we drive around in our pj's looking at different light displays.  I go to the Festival of Trees with my mom every year and then this year we are starting a new tradition with the Batsons and going to a local shrine where we can see lights and also attend mass! 



3. Favorite Holiday Recipe?

I would have to say the Lobster Risotto that I make for Christmas Eve.  You can find the recipe HERE



4. Must Have Holiday Fashion Staples?

Something shimmery is a must for me...whether it is a top, a scarf, a clutch or even some jewelry to add a little sparkle...just reminds me of holiday magic! 


5. Any special or extra festive plans this year?

See #2 for an addition to our usual traditions! 



6. Best Holiday Planning Tip

Make lists- have a plan- stay organized!  It is the only way I get through the season without stressing 


7. Favorite Holiday Movie?

Hands down Christmas Vacation!  I still laugh so hard every year! 


8. Die Hard?  Christmas Movie or Not?

Can you believe I have never seen it?  I would have to agree with Natalie of LoveHard and say YES ;) 


9. Tree/Decorations up Before/After Thanksgiving?

If you have been around here for awhile, you know I like to experience the JOY for as long as possible so of course BEFORE 



10. Do You Celebrate other holidays in December?

Nope...outside of NYE 


Can't wait to read all about YOUR traditions!




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Natasha said...

I love when Christmas events combine with faith events so that local shrine where you can see lights and attend mass sounds so good. We did a Living Nativity for a few years and it was so meaningful.

Patty Good Better Best said...

Mass combined w Christmas lights, sign me up! I have been looking for a new risotto recipe so I may have to try your lobster risotto.

Thankful for the Best blogging co-host ever!


Maria Rineer said...

You have so many great traditions! Looking forward to your various festivities' recaps :).

Joanne said...

I've been on the hunt for some good sparkly and/or velvety outfit additions to my wardrobe for this winter. I don't have anything with sparkles/sequins or velvet and I really like them both.

Maria Rineer said...

You have so many great traditions! Looking forward to your various festivities' recaps :).

Jodi Walters said...

Oh Holly we have so many traditions here too. You know how us daigos are......;) Family pictures with Santa, making cookies (Italian of course), Jammie Cocoa, Feast of 7 fishes, Roasting chestnuts, Christmas Eve Mass. Our new church here in Chattanooga asked Joey to play "Joseph" in the Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve, my Mama's heart is so happy!!!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday hun.
Blessings and Hugs,

Holly said...

@Jodi you too! I may need to start the chestnut thing too! :)

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Love all of your traditions! Have to say we already watched Christmas Vacation last weekend. It is a great movie to kick off the season:)

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