Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Windham Blackout Cancer Week 2021


This was our 10th Annual Blackout Cancer Game...over the years this game has grown into a full community event and it has grown to an entire week of fundraisers and festivities and an entire month for recognizing those families affected by pediatric cancer.

I am sad to share that NH has the highest number of pediatric cases each year in the U.S and that is why when the committee approached me, I agreed to jump back in after several years...I decided my volunteer hours should be dedicated to this cause and I will tell you I have never done more rewarding work...



Bethany and I had a PTA meeting at Village Bean so we were late to tee shirt sorting...most of the work was done by the time I got there...this committee is amazing!


Last week started with our tee shirt pick up at Windham High School.  The tee shirts are what raises the most funds for us each year.  Everyone who shows up in town with this tee shirt on gets recognized and gets into the big Friday Night Football game for free....I volunteered Monday night from 6-9pm.

Some of our fearless volunteers were treated to Dunkin Donuts gift cards from one of our local owners who is also our largest sponsor!


This was a great night!  It was our Kick Off Party at Fody's Tavern in Derry- we had raffles, prizes, food, drinks, more tee shirts to unload and a DJ and Rob's band Pop Roks played...it was a really fun night of catching up with people from town and raising some funds!


This night was Ladies' Trivia Night at Red's Tavern...I put together a table and my friends and I had a blast..we even came in third place and won some spices...yeah!  This event always sells out within an hour and I can see why.  It was another fun and successful night of raising funds!

The Larry Davids- 3rd Place!


This was our night to rest...though I tried to be in bed by 7, the texts were coming in like mad until 10/10:30...all of the last minute details for the big game on Friday!


I headed to mass and then worked until lunch time.  Then I met Lea at Red's for lunch and spotted some Blackout Shirts so had to snap a pic!  We then headed to pick up flowers and a table and some more balloons...snapped another picture in Shaws :)

LOVE the way everyone wears their shirts everywhere in town on this day...it is truly magical!

Then it was time to help set up for the game-reserve some parking spots- get the DJ set up and make sure the food vendors all lined up in the right places...decorate...communicate...run...run...run....

and then the magic started with tailgating at 5pm...looked like everyone was having a blast...I was in awe looking at it from behind the scenes if you will

The Honors Tent- where our honored families enjoyed the game and endless food all night


"Jet Blue Drew" Our Favorite Pilot (helping us at the game gate)

My stepson Zach and the reason I got involved in Blackout 11 years ago!


Got to see and chat with my fam for a few minutes anyway!

and after the game, it was time for the dreaded job of trash pick up...my friend Bethany did a great job of gathering many student volunteers who helped us out...so it wasn't too bad...took us about an hour or so and then I crawled home and into bed as I was WIPED...but not before we snagged one pic of this AMAZING GROUP!

I am still on Cloud 9 and cannot wait until I hear the grand total of funds raised for the week...we should know in another week or so and I will make sure I share!

Here is our thank you letter to our community...

Windham. WOW!!! Friday night was absolutely magical!

Our town showed all of NH how Blackout is done at the 10th Anniversary Windham Blackout Cancer Football Game. Together, we set new records for every aspect of Windham Blackout Cancer Week, we are so proud.

The camaraderie, joy, kindness and generosity was felt in all corners of Windham this week, and we certainly fulfilled our mission to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and show our support for our honored Windham families!

It was a close game for our team, and Windham rallied record attendance with a sea of Blackout t-shirts at the game. The incredible show of unity set a positive example for our youth and for everyone around us.

It took many hands to organize Blackout Cancer Week, and we want to thank each and every one of you who offered your talents and services. There were so many people who gave so much, and every single bit was important! Thank you to all the sponsors, businesses, volunteers, schools, town organizations, and every person who wore a Blackout t-shirt.

Sending a special thank you to all the teams (kids, parents and coaches!) who participated in their own unique way to raise awareness and funds throughout the week. In fact, our Blackout Cancer Week continues to drive awareness throughout NH as our youth teams will be sporting the branded Project Blackout eye black at their travel games this weekend and next. All of our Windham schools will continue to collect small toys for children at Floating Hospital until the end of September. Our fight is not over!

Windham is bursting with generosity, talent and love, and when we unite on a single mission, the powerful combination is absolutely unstoppable!

We will continue on this mission to build awareness and funds for pediatric cancer until New Hampshire no longer has the highest rate of pediatric cancer in the country. Together, let’s put an end to pediatric cancer.

We are One.

Your 2021 Windham Blackout Committee

Sheila Arinello
Lea Batson
Holly Breton
Shannon Boudreau
Jack Bryne
Erica DiNitto
Tanya Filadoro
Bethany Fleming
Kristine Giarrusso
Tracey Lamb
Krissy Michaud
Ann O’Connor
Joan Potter
Jennifer Schramm
Dave Sevigny
Michelle Stoddard


Maria Rineer said...

What incredible events and incredible community support! You must be so proud of all the work you and the team put into making everything happen. You can practically "see" how much work was involved at each step to make the events possible. Great job on the work you all did and the commitment to make this week happen.

My Glittery Heart said...

What an amazing event!!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Wow what an event and your town sounds amazing! Everyone coming together for an important cause!! I don't know how you find time to do all that you do-- you are amazing!!

Joanne said...

That sounds like such a whirlwind of a week! How wonderful that everyone was able to come together for such a great cause.

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