Thursday, November 30, 2017

Meeting Elin Hilderbrand

Meeting Elin Hilderbrand

I know...I know...dream come true.  She is one of my favorite authors of all time.  Just reading her stories...all set in one of my favorite places in the world...Nantucket...just puts you in a calm state.  Her books also always inspire me to get back to the beach....enjoy it year round...take in the beauty and live like the locals do...eventually I will make my way there 100% of the time...but for now...her books...are a wonderful escape and full of inspirational material.

She has written over 20 novels...20.  I have tried to meet her before, however, her events always sell out so quickly.

I was excited recently when I saw on Facebook that she was coming to the public library in the nearby town of Methuen.  I thought ok...here is my chance...I went to get tickets and I was out of luck...all sold out.

A couple of my PTA friends noticed that I was interested in the event...and they were too...they struggled to get the tickets too and then our friend Lisa is really good at researching and not taking NO for an answer and she scored us tickets to her Boston event at the Hampshire House and BONUS...they were FREE...I kid you not!  Elin, herself, explained to us why a little later on...we will get back to that.

Lisa drove us in to the city (Boston) on Monday night and we hit no traffic until Storrow Drive which is pretty typical, but all in all we were in there in less than an hour.  Once we parked, we went in and realized we were super early so we decided to head downstairs to the famous Cheers for a quick drink.  We even grabbed a pedestrian to take our picture outside...like REAL tourists ;)
After a quick drink and some catching up, we headed back to the Hampshire House.  We were waiting in line, in the lobby, to buy her latest book, "Winter Soltice" (it is Book #4 in a 4 part series) when all of a sudden we got to the front of the line, to make our purchases and Elin sits down right in front of us and just starts signing.  I lost my breath...she was trying to fly under the radar but she gave us a heart attack doing so.  It was hysterical and surreal all at once.  She grabbed my book, signed it and promised we would get pictures together once she made her way upstairs to the main event.

I, of course, had to snap a couple of quick pics because it's me ;)

She was spicy, confidant, friendly and just amazing all around...and I could tell she was such a hoot...I was looking forward to hearing her speak and read!

We headed upstairs where we were treated to complimentary hors d'ouevres in the beautiful venue which was in a room that looked like a large library complete with beautiful and ornate chandeliers...thousands of books and floor to ceiling windows so customary of Beacon Hill- Boston.

We chatted for a bit and met another friend from town there.  Once Elin made her way upstairs, she headed straight to our table and said, "I promised you pictures...let's go!" She was so funny...
Check it out....

She actually gave her cell number to our friend Lisa and asked her to text her the picture of us- SO FUN!
She stayed with us and chatted for a bit and when we asked her how this amazing event could be free, she explained that she has known the owner, Thomas Kershaw for several years and he always hosts an event for her every year when her new book comes out.  She actually publishes two books/year.  He has owned the Hampshire House since 1969.

You may not be able to tell from the pictures but she was wearing a fabulous dress that is so perfect for this time of year...green silk with a black leather fringe overlay and the most beautiful and ornate spiked heels with snakes on them- the outfit?  To die for!  I told her so and she appreciated it :)

After she mingled a bit, Mr. Kershaw himself introduced her and she took the podium and regaled us with some funny tales and then read the first chapter from her new book.  We hung on every word...chuckled and truly enjoyed it...it is making me read the first three books in the series rather quickly so I can get to this finale! 

It was an amazing little event and I am so glad I was able to meet this literary legend.  Her books are so light...easy to read...and always put me in a happy place. 

Her novels include the following, in order of when they were published:

The Castaways
The Beach Club
Nantucket Nights
Summer People
The Blue Bistro
The Love Season
A Summer Affair
The Island
Silver Girl
Beautiful Day
The Surfing Lesson
The Matchmaker
The Tailgate
Winter Street
The Rumor
Winter Stroll
Christmas on Nantucket
Here's To Us
Winter Storms
The Identicals and
Winter Soltice

Next up....The Perfect Couple (next year and it is a murder mystery!  How exciting!) 


Rechelle said...

I LOVE THIS! Such lucky ladies! I love Elin as well and would love to meet her someday, I'm for sure traveling to Nantucket at some point too! Enjoy the Winter Series :)

Logan G said...

I'm totally fangirling over here!! Obsessed with her and her Winter Stroll series are my FAVORITE (no joke!) books ever! I'm in the middle of the 4th installment right now and was so excited to see it come out. So jealous of your fun activities :)

Holly said...

Thanks Rechelle! Just finished Winter Street and started Winter Stroll- loving them!

Holly said...

Oh Kristi- can't wait to catch up to you! So far I am just as obsessed as her other books! :)

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