Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Share Our Lives: June 2024


Hi Friends!  I am joining the ladies at "Share Our Lives" HERE for their fun linkup and this month we are talking about Foods We Make For Other People

This one is easy for me.  I love to cook for people- it is therapeutic and  makes my heart happy.  It is one of the ways I show love and friendship.

Here are a few things I like to make.....

Chicken Broccoli and Ziti

Find My Recipe HERE


This is my signature dish and the one I make most often for family, friends, meal trains, you name it.  

Caprese Salad

I also love making a Caprese Salad- either traditional or a peach or half of each.  This is one of my favorite dishes to bring to a summer gathering.

Check it out HERE



Homemade Jam

Last year, we made and gifted Strawberry Jam for a summer treat.  I hope the girls and I can go berry picking again AND make another batch of jam for family and friends...it was so fun AND yummy

You can find my recipe HERE



Can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you make for your people!


Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

That caprese salad looks amazing! I have done strawberry freezer jam the last two years but I'm not that excited about it this year. Why have I changed? Ha! Is it the new puppy keeping me busy?

Maria Rineer said...

All right, the caprese salad looks too good to eat! I will check out your chicken and broccoli recipe. Thanks for sharing :).

Joanne said...

We're heading out strawberry picking this morning and jam is one of the things on my list to make with our fresh strawberries!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I'm going to make that caprese! Thanks for sharing these, my friend. xoxo

Kim Carberry said...

Oh wow! All of your food looks so good! You are a fantastic cook. We are planning to go strawberry picking this year and I am going to try making some jam.

Jennifer White said...

Homemade jam-- I've never done that! Thanks for linking up with us.

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