Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Let's Look: Our Summer Schedule Edition


Hi Friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today I am linking up with Shay and Erica HERE and taking a look at our summer schedule this year



This is what our little summer will look like...for the most part...a schedule to build on I guess :)

School ends on Friday so after that, we have some more freedom- woohoo!




Diana started Driver's Ed last night but classes switch to mornings next week!  We are excited for her.  Her days after classes will consist of working out and I am sure sunbathing, swimming and socializing.  She will work her weekend shifts and hopefully pickup a week night shift at the restaurant too.  She will be working out with a specific team this summer too (not ready to share) and most likely doing a DRT theater camp





Speaking of theater camp, this is our first year in about 8 years that the girls won't be doing Triple Threat Theater Camp.  Since we moved on from that studio, we have committed elsewhere.  Eva will be doing one week of Ovations Theater Camp and 4 weeks at Derryfield for DRT- she is excited!  In addition to theater camp, she will play on her Tournament Softball team and mix in some pool and beach days and play dates.  We will have to get working on our summer list this weekend too so we can plan some more summer fun!  

Mum and Dad

We be workin'...how boring right?  Sigh....we will mix in as much simple summer fun as we can.  We have a few weekends planned with friends at their lake houses and then we need to figure out how we can celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in August...time will tell....

What does your summer schedule look like?  Anything new and exciting this year?


Maria Rineer said...

Yay to summer break! Sounds like the girls will have a busy yet still relaxing summer which is exactly what you want. I hope driver´s ed goes well. So many emotions for parents- it is exciting yet scary too!!

Carrie said...

Hi! I'm Carrie- I'm stopping by from Shay's link up. My teen girl Autumn just passed her permit written test yesterday. WHEW. She also loves theater and did it for the first time last Spring. She's mainly a dancer (she does dance team at high school), but in the Spring they're done with football and basketball, so she tried theater and loved it. Have a great summer!


Joyce said...

I hope driver's ed goes smoothly. That aspect of parenting might be my least favorite : ), although it's nice to have another driver in the house. Your daughters are lovely. Enjoy your breaks wherever you can find them!

My Glittery Heart said...

YAY to summer break! Ella has been out for almost a month and it has been great! Ian out for 2 months! We really need a schedule! HA

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