Friday, June 14, 2024

Friday Favorites (June 14, 2024)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Today is our last day of school here and I gotta tell ya, I am a little emotional.


It is Eva's last day of 4th grade- last day at Golden Brook School which we dubbed the "Happiest Place on Earth" and the last time we will have a kid here in 28 years- eek!


It is also Diana's last day of Sophomore year and last day of finals and it has been a wonderful yet very challenging year especially as of late- we will celebrate her successes.


Eva is having a little pool party this afternoon to celebrate a great year :)


Here are a few faves from our week....

Amazon Summer Finds

Pool Floats HERE


Big Girl Bikini for our 10 Year Old :)

Find it HERE


Lilly Lunch Bag

Find it HERE

For a special friend and very special lady who has been helping Diana





Find this variety pack HERE

If you are a Jeep owner then you know this is a thing.  If you get a duck, you give a duck.  Jeep owners are always surprising each other with ducks of all shapes and sizes- it is fun to start the collection on your dash too!






 EFAC Showcase

The girls end of year show/recital/showcase was on Wednesday night.  It was our first one with "Elite Feet Artists Company" or EFAC and it was amazing!  So proud of the girls :)

Diana being recognized as a Teacher's Assistant

(she was also psyched because her gift was a gift card to Fuel Good!)

and with our peeps after the show


Thursday Night Fun

First a Blackout Meeting- scoping out a local restaurant for our kick off party and then I was able to join my besties at Wine Group- great night :)

Jess hosted us and Joe cooked for us!  Check out his apron- he kills me

We played a mean game of "Siptionary" and laughed so hard- really needed those laughs!

That's a wrap!  Will be back on Monday to recap the weekend and will recap the last day of school next week too!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Maria Rineer said...

Great list of favorites! My friend Clint wore a shirt proclaiming him to be a trophy husband when his family was over for dinner this week. So funny! The end of year dance show looks like it was a great one. Did the dancers do their competition numbers or did they learn pieces especially for the evening? Our dance studio´s recital consisted of the competition and rec dancers doing what they´d worked on all year and then they all did one together at the end. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Congratulations to your girls for finishing grades 4 and 10 strong! I know you're proud of them. It's sad when an era ends...but it's also really exciting! So what kind of school comes next for Ava? Is it like a junior high with 5-8th grades? I'm just curious; our schools are K- here, then 6-8, and 9-12. Yay for great weeks, blackout meetings with delicious foods, funny aprons, and the weekend!

Rightupmyaliway said...

Yay! Happy Last day of school! It's always emotional for me too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the celebrating! :)

Kim Carberry said...

Aww! I hope it's a fab last day of school! What an emotional time.
Those pool floats are just brilliant and the ducks sound like fun!
You must be so proud of Diana, she looks like an amazing performer.

Holly said...

@Jennifer she will go to our upper elementary school next for 5th and 6th grade and then it is off to middle school- eek! Thanks for your well wishes :)

Holly said...

@Maria they did all of their comp pieces plus new pieces for the show- it was great- thank you! :)

Tanya said...

Have a great weekend kicking off summer!

My Glittery Heart said...

I love those floats!!

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