Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My 50th Birthday Party!



 Oh what a year!  Challenging in so many ways but celebrating every day...being alive and healthy and surrounded by some of the best peeps around.


I knew I wanted to celebrate 50 in a big way.


We have celebrated in different ways this year- My weekend in NYC with my High School BFF Dawn- Shania Twain with Diana and the Fournier Gals- Our TRIP OF A LIFETIME TO ITALY- Dinner at My Parents- Dinner at Besties- Nights full of laughs and stories and a grand finale of a BIG CELEBRATION


My 50th Birthday Party was one of the best nights of my life- no exaggeration.   It is everything I have ever dreamed of and I can thank my hubby and besties Lea and Beth Ann for making it just an amazing time for me and my family and friends.


We started at our house with some snacks and champagne- well Sparkling Rose to be exact because I wanted to be surrounded in PINK!


We enjoyed catching up as family and besties arrived!


Then it was time for some pro pics with one of our favorite photographers Amber- LOVE the way they turned out!


These are my VIPs :)

Love the sign that Beth Ann had made!



Limo is here so couple shots for fun!



 Back Inside!


Time for a Few Last Sips of Champagne and Selfies Of Course!

I apologize for the blurry pics- just tried to catch as much as I could

Then it was time to get in the limos and head to the main event!

At the Main Event!

The BEST surprise was that Zach and Zoe came back from Raleigh!  So happy (they are still here and we get to spend time with them this week and weekend!)

My College Roomie Sharon- love her! :)

My Willmott Family :)

So much fun!  Just sad I didn't get pics with my stepdaughters and brother Matt and Renee and some other friends but I truly danced the night away!





Maria Rineer said...

I figured that you would do it right, lol!! What a great capstone to many wonderful celebrations of the big 5-0! Love all of the pictures- how smart to have a professional photographer and how fun to have a LIMO take you to the party! The best details for an incredible party- kudos to everyone who helped pull it off.

Kelly said...

1st off no way you are 50. You look so young!!! Happy birthday. Looks like a fun party


Joanne said...

Oh wow; that does look wonderful! I LOVE that you hired a professional photographer too; those shots are fabulous. You definitely make 50 look fabulous!!

My Glittery Heart said...

Oh My gosh!!! So much fun!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY! I agree that you DO NOT LOOK YOUR AGE! You look fantastic and it looks like such a fun birthday celebration and I hope you have a great year!

Sunshine and Books said...

Oh my gosh! That party is epic!! First of all, the pictures at the house are amazing! When I look at those women, I think power circle! You have surrounded yourself with fabulous friends who clearly love you as much as you love them. The main event party looks like a blast! Way to celebrate it big this year!! Happiest birthday friend!!

Good Better Best Food said...

What a night and you look gorgeous!

Jennifer White said...

Wow...so fun! Y'all know how to party!

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