Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Let's Look: How I Schedule/Organize Our Busy Family


Hi Friends!  Today I am linking up with Erica and Shay HERE and joining in on their fun "Let's Look" Linkup.  We are starting the year off with how we schedule and organize our busy families!  Here goes nothing!

Dividing and Conquering and When to Pull In Papa Bob


So each fall, I enter all of the after school activities into our family calendar that Rob created.  We can each see the calendar on our phones which is key.  My calendar is color coded- Blue is for Work- Green is for Personal and Yellow Items are Family Items.  Once we get the schedule set, Rob and I discuss how we can divide and conquer with rides, around our jobs.  On certain days, we know, we will have to pull in Papa Bob and he is always happy to help us.  For example, this year, he picks up Eva from school on Tuesdays and brings her to ballet.  Some nights, he will pick up Diana for me when her dance classes don't get out until 9pm so I can go to bed early- this was key during my recovery!

Microsoft Outlook Family Calendar

Speaking of Our Family Calendar, I am not sure how we survived without it!  It is key to keeping us all organized and in the know!  Sample calendar below (not ours)

Meal Planning



I know I say this all the time but meal planning is key for us to stay organized and less overwhelmed during the week- the last few years, I have made it work all year along- maybe without doing a week or two in the summer.  It has really helped things flow more smoothly here!


This Week's Menu 


Monday- Turkey Burgers with Fries for the Fam- Turkey Burger (no bun) and Zucchini Fries for Mama


Tuesday - Taco Bowls and Rice for the Fam- Taco Salad for Mama


Wednesday- Chicken Chia Meatballs and Pasta for the Fam- Chicken Chia Meatballs with Zucchini Noodles for Mama


Thursday-Breakfast for Dinner- Eggs, Berries, Turkey Bacon


Friday- Pizza Night for the Fam- Mama Out 




Those are just a few ways I keep us organized.  How do YOU stay organized in your world?


My Glittery Heart said...

I love this! Meal Planning is a must for me too!

Natasha said...

Meal planning and a family calendar on the wall so everyone can see it. And everyone is colour coded so you can tell at a glance what you need to do/expect.

Maria Rineer said...

We relied on carpools so much! I couldn't have done it without carpools when all three kids were in activities and not driving and Donnie was working crazy hours. We did tap into asking Donnie's dad or uncle who live in town but it was amazing in a good way how seldom we needed their help. I have never meal planned except loosely but I can see how that would be a great way to stay organized.

Joanne said...

I actually didn't even bother joining in since now that I have 2 more drivers in the family I rarely feel like I need to keep anyone's schedule straight buy my own!.. .well, I do like to make sure that on Wednesday I have dinner ready early so Alec can eat before karate but that's about it.

Lucy @ Lucy Knows Things said...

I rely on our family digital calendar and meal planning too. Without those, life would be chaos for us! In case you're interested, I recently posted the 5 Habits That Simplified My Life, on my blog. I kept up with those habits all through 2022, and will definitely continue this year 😊.

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

Meal planning is a must! I find a cute blank calendar on Pinterest, and hand write in meals and tape it to the fridge. Some days we miss it, but most days we stick to it. Totally helps!

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