Monday, January 16, 2023

Hello Monday (January 16, 2023)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Sarah and I are so glad you stopped by!

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Here is what we were up to......

Friday Night

Time to catch up with My Dance Mom Friends at Backyard Brewery- great night of chatting and belly laughs!

While I was doing that, my hairdresser Taylor was giving Diana a big time haircut- she wanted a change and wanted to cut it...I was apprehensive but love the way it turned out and more importantly, she loves it!

Before and After


We had to be up bright and early.  Eva had an 8am basketball game so we switched things up and I took Papa and we went to her game and met up with Zach and Aunty Cass there- Daddy met up with us after he did the Starbucks and Dance Drop off with Diana.  






They lost but it was a fun game and she is having a blast!

After that, Cass and I grabbed a coffee at Village Bean then I headed home to get some organizing done.  

I also finished up Emily in Paris Season 3- it was just ok.

Then we all headed to Alana's Basketball Game to cheer her on- she had her own little fan club there :)

That night I didn't feel like cooking again so we grabbed takeout- my latest favorite is the tossed salad from Capri Pizza right in town- no tomatoes and add grilled chicken with Italian season- kinda obsessed ;)

That night, Rob and I headed over to the Batsons for a little bit to wish Sam a Happy Sweet 16th!


I was up bright ad early and got the girls registered for Triple Threat Theater Camp- just thinking about summer makes me giddy :)

Then I prepped our Sunday dinner- did our meal planning and online grocery order

(I will be posting this recipe soon- Carrot Fries- who knew- life changing)

Daddy took Eva to her hockey game and then her softball workout.

I then headed to mass and a Family Faith meeting for Eva

After that we relaxed, ate Sunday dinner, watched a couple of Blue Bloods episodes and then it was time to divide and conquer.

Daddy took Eva to a birthday party and Diana and I headed to Andover High School (my Alma Mater) for a show her performance group was doing.  It was a performance that benefits the American Cancer Society called "Move for the Movement."

We had to drop the kids off early so the moms hung out together until it was time for the show.

My parents got tickets and came to surprise Diana too.  We were BLOWN AWAY.  The show was amazing and we were so proud of our kids.

The kids from Londonderry Dance Academy (LDA) did four numbers- I recorded them all of course ;)

First- Make You Feel My Love

Second- Czardas

Third- Odiame- My FAVORITE :)

and Fourth- Seguidilla

Sitting with Miss Tina





Some Behind The Scenes Shots

Reuniting with my College Bestie Sharon- her daughter was in the show as well!

Then after the show- seeing Mimi and Papa and getting choked up when they surprised her :)

Diana and Maya (Sharon's Daughter)

and here is a little look back

2009, 2016 and 2023

Such a great night and great way to wrap up our weekend!  The kids don't have school today for MLK Day but Daddy and I are back to work- Eva can relax and decompress while Diana will be studying for midterms- eek!  Hope you all have a great week!

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Ruth said...

Diana looks beautiful with her new haircut. I have tasted sweet potato fries but not carrot fries. They do look good though and I look forward to seeing the recipe. Hope you have a great week 😊

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Sounds like the best weekend! I'm intrigued by the carrot fries. They look delicious! I know you love watching your girls do their thing- and I love Diana's hair cut!

Maria Rineer said...

What a great weekend! Love all of the activities that keep you guys busy. The dance performance sounds so cool and to get to see your BF from college and her daughter must have the entire evening that much more special.

Jennibell said...

What a full weekend! Wow. Sometimes I forget all the running we had to do with kids at home - I sure do miss it. And carrot fries -- YES!!! My MIL loves them so I try to do them for her when she's over.
Glad your girls get some downtime today -- I don't have today off either but the roads will be quiet going it to work at least. Have a great week!

Andrea Nine said...

You guys are all so beautiful and I love seeing what you’re up to on the weekends! Fun times

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend. The air fryer carrots look so good. I hope you have a nice weekend.

Joanne said...

Diana's new haircut looks lovely (and she reminds me so much of a girl I went to high school with now!) LOL. It sounds like you had another fun and full weekend.

Tanya said...

Diana grew up overnight with that haircut...so cute! Have a wonderful week!

Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

What a busy weekend you had!! I can't wait for the recipe on carrot fries. I am trying to add more of a variety in sides to our menu. I hope your week is aweseome. :)

Jennifer White said...

I love Diana's haircut! Beautiful! Looks like such a wonderful weekend.

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

Her haircut looks soo good! Love a fresh cut.

Jaclyn said...

Diana's haircut is beautiful! She looks so grown up!

Family and the Lake House said...

The haircut looks amazing! I'm also soooo excited to try the carrot fries...in fact, I just showed my husband! lol! Yum!!

Natasha said...

I love Diana's hair! And it always amazes me how choreographers can take costumes, music, and dancers and create something so beautiful and moving.

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