Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday Favorites (January 13, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Or Should I say.....



 Woohoo!  We made it!  This was a MUCH better week in these parts....sun was shining...business was picking up again....activities for the girls resumed and it was overall much more productive and happy!  Yeah!

As always, sharing some faves from our week and linking up with the lovely ladies HERE

Here we go....

Mild January

Oh friends...I know it's coming but right now we are experiencing a mild January weather wise and I am trying to get outside to walk as much as possible.  Yes I know this is literally the calm before the storm but I am taking advantage as much as possible and loving it!


Thinking of you Natasha and LOVING that my grocery store had tulips so early...they are brightening up our kitchen post Christmas for sure!

Back to the Office!


I went back to the office on Tuesday...first time since November and it  felt so good!  Got to catch up with my Janie and Dan and just feel the energy again- makes my heart happy!  Anyway, Rob sent me some pics because someone, I guess, was missing me...he really squishes my heart too!



and another shot of him barking at the Christmas light people as they were taking everything down...we call him "The Warden"...kills me...ha!


Clean Eating

and it feels so good!




Always a fave but Sarah over at "The Mom In Style" (who never steers me wrong) suggested this scent and it is AMAZING...quickly becoming another winter scent here.  Dime has a few different scents but this is the one she recommended and I always follow her advice :)






 Kelly Green

So...I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before here but I have a thing for Kelly Green...I have always been drawn to the color and I find it so hard to find most of the time in fashion...anyway...Lilly always comes through with some solids for me...and I have found a few other gems recently and I am swooning...just obsessed with this color!


 Top Left: PJs by Lilly Pulitzer- Top Right: Dress by Evereve

Middle: Cooler Bag by Lilly Pulitzer

Bottom Left: Top by Cece at Macy's- Bottom Right: Sweater Set by Lilly Pulitzer 



That's a wrap!  Have a cozy winter weekend friends!


Maria Rineer said...

Your food looks so good and healthy! There's nothing quite like the clean slate of January ;). We had great weather this week, too. Some rain but it wasn't freezing and the temperature one day was mild enough for a long walk with Abby. I wish I could smell better- I'd check out those scents (covid wrecked my sense of smell ;(). Have a great weekend!

Good Better Best Food said...

Enjoy that mild New England weather while you can . We call Stormy the Director of Homeland Security around here so I know what you mean. Happy Friday.


Joanne said...

Your foods look so yummy! I am loving those Lily pieces you found.

Stacie said...

Your clean eating meals look so good! I definitely need to get back on the clean eating bandwagon soon. It does make you feel good to eat healthy non-inflammatory ingredients. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Wow - your meals look delicious! And hooray for clean eating!!

Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

I am feeling the same with the mild weather. It really helps get through the long winter.
So glad you went back to the office and I know what you mean. I love the energy of being with other people sometimes. I love kelly green, but don't have much. It was my sorority color, too. Happy weekend to you!

Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

I know that winter weather is coming too. But I'm ready for it! The past two years I've gotten fun pictures of my girls playing in the snow in January, and haven't gotten to do that yet. That food all looks sooo good! Yay for clean eating! I hope you have an amazing weekend. :)

My Glittery Heart said...

All your food pictures just made me so hungry! HA and look at Remi!!

My Glittery Heart said...

All your food pictures just made me so hungry! HA and look at Remi!!

Jennifer White said...

The food looks delish. I love Dime perfume too. Hadley helped Travis pick some out for me for Christmas. Remi is so cute!

Jaclyn said...

I LOVE that dime beauty perfume too!

Natasha said...

Okay, you know I LOVE your tulips! And I'm so happy that my legacy will be January tulips!!! HAHAHA!!! I am also really loving that Kelly Green. I think I'm ready for spring :)

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