Monday, January 9, 2023

Hello Monday (January 9, 2023)

 First thing's First!  Happy Birthday to my Stepdaughter Ally!  The Big 3-0! Woohoo!!  Have a beautiful day lovely girl XO

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Here is what our little weekend looked like....



Before I get to the weekend...need to highlight two things


Eva was fueling up before her Spelling Bee and Guess What?  She won for her class!  Yeah!  She studied really hard :)  She now moves on to her 3rd Grade Level Spelling Bee- Go Pidge!



and Diana was chosen as one of three freshman to attend and perform in the Granite State Choir Festival up in Gilford NH- she had a blast- it was an amazing experience- here are a few shots of WHS representing!

Ok back to Friday Night!

Eva had her bestie Aby over for a play date and they had so much fun playing their instruments (they are putting a band together), building things out of cardboard and playing anything and everything they could get into- they crack me up- you have never heard two kids laugh together more than these two...then eventually it was time to re-fuel ;)

After dropping Aby at home, when we got back, I had to snap a quick pic.  Yes we took all of our Christmas decor down the day after the holiday BUT the professional lights we had put up this year are still up so we are enjoying a little extra time of festiveness :)

It was then time for dinner and Ginny and Georgia


Same Remi...Same ;)

We crashed early...Well Pidge and I did...Daddy had to pick up Diana when she got back to town at 10pm...I was already fast asleep.


It was back to Starbucks then Dance!

Then we enjoyed a busy morning for Pidge

First up hockey!!  Yeah!  Eva scored her first career goal- she was so happy- we actually kinda cried- I was so glad I was there to see it!

Then she headed home with Dad to grab a snack and get changed and I headed to the hospital lab for some more tests.

Then we all met up at her very first basketball game!  The family was in full force- Mum- Dad- Papa Bob- Mimi- Papa Pete- Zach- Ally and Alex- everyone was excited to watch and she did great but by the end of the game she was toast!!  

Family Shot!

After that, we had some lunch then headed out for a family walk.  So we were just going to have Eva chill with Papa at home BUT she said "I need more exercise" ...the kid is the energizer bunny I swear...anyway, Rob, Eva, Remi and I all headed out for a walk!  It was SO NICE to finally see the sun shine for what felt like weeks!

Then we went home to chill for a bit, then pick up Diana and get ready to go out to dinner...it was Lucciano's on Saturday Night and a great little fam meal...holding onto these times as Diana usually has plans and isn't around as much anymore...I know it is the circle of life but that doesn't make it easier

My Girls!

Snapped another pic on our way to our front door...it will be taken down soon

Then I know I am so late to the party but I accidentally happened upon the pilot of Blue Bloods and then Rob and I got sucked in so I guess we are starting another show!


I started prepping our Sunday meal since the grandparents were all joining us.  Then I headed to the hospital for another quick test and Rob took Eva to her first Softball Winter Workouts!  She was in her happy place...he sent me a few pics...softball always makes me happy...practicing in the winter gives  me hope for the spring!  :)

We had an awesome Sunday afternoon of family time and dinner- wish I had snapped a few pics but oh well- we all shared good shows to binge which is key in the winter when you are not "winter people" ha!

Then last night, we headed to mass and crashed early but not before we caught our family friend CJay DiPrima on ABC World News- they did a segment on his fight through cancer and now preparing for the Boston Marathon with the help of his medical team at Mass General- so proud of him!  (CJay's parents are Eva's godparents.  We met them through high school football when CJay and Zach played together)

How was YOUR weekend?

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Natasha said...

Eva is starting to look a lot like Diana -- somehow I am just now noticing it in these pictures.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love Blue Bloods too but I have never watched it from the beginning. We just catch an episode here and there whenever it's on TV. I really must watch it from season one. Praying that those test results are all ok xx

Maria Rineer said...

Oh man, I need a dose of Eva's energy!! Seriously, she had an amazing weekend of accomplishments and movement ;). Your weekend looked so nice with relaxation, family time and activities. Have a great Monday!

Andrea Nine said...

Yay, spell champ on the house and love the hockey pictures! Sounds like a sweet weekend. Always love seeing what your family is up to! Happy fresh week!

Good Better Best Food said...

What an awesome story about your friend prepping for the marathon. Congrats on the first goal!


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I looks like you had a nice weekend. Thanks for hosting and enjoy the week.

Joanne said...

Just reading about Eva's day made me tired! LOL. What a little energizer bunny. I was awful at spelling and I'm kind of amazed at those people who win spelling bees. That was never me! We went out for a walk on Saturday too but within 10 minutes of walking the sun was gone and it was back to being cloudy. It was sooo good to see it while it lasted though.

Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

Your girls are so talented and fun! It will become more and more rare for her not to have social plans, I bet. Your stepdaughter is beautiful, too, and it seems like you have a great relationship. How inspiring about your friend.

Sunshine and Books said...

Holly - your girls are KILLING IT!! I can see why you are so proud of them!! I’m glad you’re staying on top of things with the labs and tests, and hope you are still giving yourself the rest you need. So much family fun! I love it! Have a super week!

Alexandra EyeLoveKnots said...

30 is such a fun age! Happiest birthday wishes to her :-)

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