Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday Favorites (January 5, 2023)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  This was a rainy and dark and at sometimes depressing week here BUT as I always do, I'm looking forward to better days ahead with more sunshine...more business and more human interaction...refuse to sink into the winter blues...a little way to help that is to look at some faves from the week...so here we go!

Getting To Clara


In case you missed it, I published our documentary! (34 minutes) I am over the moon with the way it came out and so grateful that Diana has this keepsake long after I am gone...here it is again...

2022- 1-2 Seconds A Day

I published this too yesterday- I love taking a picture of our every day life- it is so fun to look back on the mundane...the big moments and life in general...one of my favorite apps that helps me put this together each year...love looking back!


Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale

So...did you score anything wonderful?

I scored a few goodies- can't wait for them to come in- Lilly always makes me happy and brightens up some dark winter days!


Colorful Meals are Back!

Here are just a few of the wonderful meals I whipped up for myself this week :)

Beautiful Soul

Taken too soon...celebrated Dawna's life this week...so moved by the services...wish I got to know her better and wish I had been able to spend more time with her XO


Winter Binges

Oh so many great binges during Christmas Break!  I saved up until after the holidays and all of the Hallmark and festive movies

The Watcher

I think I would say this one was my fave...based on a true story...so so creepy AND it has been renewed for a 2nd season-woop woop!

White Lotus

Both Season 1 and Season 2- oh it pulled us in- I would say Season 1 was my fave of the two- I loved the backdrop of Hawaii and the characters were more interesting to me- especially the newlyweds

Dead To Me- Final Season


So bittersweet...liked the way they wrapped this one up and wishing Christina Applegate good health in real life




Firefly Lane Season 2

Ok...I was a mess after this...cried really hard...the good news is that Season 3 "The Final Chapter" is due out in June so I don't have to wait a year to see what happens and I am counting down the days

and last night I started Ginny and Georgia Season 2- so excited to have this back!

and we have started up our binge watching again of "Last Man Standing" and "The Crown" Season 5- these will take us through the next few months- we will usually watch once or twice on a weeknight but more on the weekends

Dance Flashbacks

Getting these photos from my mom....oh the memories...I can still remember these days...crazy right?  

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

I am too much of a chicken to watch dark shows! Love those Lily pieces. My consignment has a whole Lily rack! Love your colorful meals! I am trying to be back on the healthy train. I think the last of the holiday chocolate is out of here and that is helping!

Maria Rineer said...

Cute throwback pictures! I am with you on some of the shows that you're watching or watched. Dead to Me season 2 was kinda hard to watch knowing that KA was suffering in real life. We also enjoyed The Watcher and will watch season 2. I've not bought anything Lily but have done lots of online shopping as sales are SO GOOD right now! Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Goodwin said...

I love that Lilly sweater! And your meals- they look beautiful and delicious. Those are the best! Thanks for sharing these show recs- I'm going to add them to my lists now. Have the best day and weekend, sweet friend!

Andrea Nine said...

I love the sweet throwback photos! Those are many of the shows that we are watching as well. I’ve had the Watcher on my list for quite some time and now I’m definitely going to watch it. So excited to start Ginny & Georgia this weekend. I love when you bring the colorful food back; yummy and healthy! Great, motivational memes and I’m so sorry about your friend. Wishing you a happy weekend, my dear!

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

White Lotus is on my list. Just finished Fleishman is in Trouble because I love Claire Danes, it was just okay not very uplifting type of show. I loved Firefly Lane, can't wait for the next season either!

Joanne said...

I liked season 1 of The White Lotus better too. Your meals look delicious.

My Glittery Heart said...

I just started Georgia and Ginny Season 2! And I just finished Emily in Paris!!

Natasha said...

Your meals look delicious -- ALL THE VEGGIES -- which is what I need after all the holiday eating. Also, the true friends stick like an octopus on the face made me laugh way too hard!

Good Better Best Food said...

I didn't even visit the Lilly sale site. I cannot be tempted right now. I am making myself clear out some of the clutter before getting to many new things. Th Watcher is sooo Good! Happy New Year friend!


Sunshine and Books said...

OK, number one - did you have curly hair as a child or a perm? If you had curly hair, how did I not know we were curly girls too?? I only got a few things in the Lilly sale. For some reason, I wasn’t into a bunch of it this time. I guess it is for the best. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of Dawna. She does sound like an amazing woman! Love the videos! Have a great weekend!

Holly said...

@Sarah Yes we are! Another way we are kindred spirits. I get a Brazilian Blowout a few times a year to get rid of my frizz and do wear my hair straight most of the time :)

Holly said...

@Sarah re: Lilly sale- it was underwhelming I thought too

Jennifer White said...

Your meals look amazing and the videos are a perfect way to capture the memories. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

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