Monday, January 23, 2023

Hello Monday (January 23, 2023)


Hi Friends and Happy Snowy Monday from NH!

It is time for Hello Monday with Sarah and me.  If you blogged about your weekend, please join us by grabbing our graphic above and linking up with us below.

Here is what our little weekend looked like


The kids had no school...we got our first real snow...so that meant snowblowing for Daddy and playing in the snow for Eva...Remi was incensed and ran around looking out all of the windows to "monitor the situation" ;)

 That night it was Friday Night Pizza and Salad Night and early to bed- quiet and cozy.


I started my day by meeting my bestie Beth Ann for coffee at my fave coffee shop- The Village Bean. It had been too long and we had so much to catch up on.  So good for the soul.

Rob dropped Diana off at the high school for an all day Choral Exchange Event.  They had rehearsals and fun all day and put on a concert that evening.  He then took Eva to half of her hockey game.  Then it was time for her next basketball game and we all met up at the school.

In attendance this week were Mimi, Papa Pete, Papa Bob and Zach AND so glad because not only did she score her first ever basket but she scored four- she was on fire!  We joked and said "there would be no living with her."  We were cracking up and very excited for her!

After that it was home for the day..snapped a couple of pics on my way home so you could see the snow up here...it is pretty even though I hate winter ;)

Later on, I started prepping dinner as the McLains were coming over so we could plan our Italy itinerary for our trip in August.  


While I was cooking, Rob and Eva headed to the high school to see Diana sing with her chorus




I decided to go with an Italian Feast- the appetizers included Marinated Artichoke Hearts in a Wine Sauce along with Bruschetta and Melon with Prosciutto

The main course was Lobster Risotto with Arugula Salad and Bread

For dessert, I had a cake shipped from Italy.  It is called the "Caprese Cake" and it is famous on the island of Capri (one of the areas we will be visiting) alongside Torrone (Italian Nougat Candy) and some Limoncello straight out of the freezer!

Remind me not to take selfies after a long day...ugh...ha!

So grateful that our friend Tom is so organized and good with instructing us on what to book and when.  We now have a plan which makes things more realistic for sure!



When the McLains left, Diana headed to a friends for a sleepover and we crashed hard.


Daddy took Eva to her softball workout and I headed to mass with Papa.  When Diana got home, she got studying for her final midterm exam.  It was supposed to be on Friday but that day ended up being a snow day.  Since today is a "remote learning day", her final midterm has now been pushed to Wednesday. Anyway, I digress....

I then took her to the mall- she had a gift card she wanted to use and we snagged a few cute things for her in Hollister

Then we enjoyed lunch at Copper Door so I could use MY gift card :)

Then I dropped her off at the studio for a three hour YAGP rehearsal...it is getting close!

Daddy and Pidge headed to the Bruins with Papa and Zach.  It was Eva's very first professional sporting event and Bruins game.  Zach gifted them the tickets for Christmas!

So...what were YOU up to this weekend?

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Jennifer Goodwin said...

What a great weekend! I love seeing your girls do their things. Your Italian dinner looks amazing! I honestly think my mouth watered a little when I read lobster risotto with arugula. I am sure that was a fun night- starting to get a plan for your trip. I can't wait to hear more about it! It's nice to plan for something in the summer with all that snow on the ground, too. I like winter, but I don't know if I could handle all that snow. Yikes! It was a lot!

Andrea Nine said...

What gorgeous snow. We got some too. You still look beautiful even after a long day. Such a sweet weekend friend.

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

All of your Italian themed food looks delicious. And that cake looks so good! Going to Italy is a bucket list item for sure.

Maria Rineer said...

What a great weekend! Congrats to your basketball star and hockey fan- what a wonderful weekend she had!! You look so good after a long day and that meal and planning for your trip sound amazing. Everyone at school today was so bummed that our snowstorm came on a SUNDAY! That was no good to us ;). Glad your kids got a day off school Friday due to the white stuff.

Joanne said...

What a fun idea to eat all sorts of yummy Italian foods while planning your Italy trip. It all looks delicious. It sounds like your family had a fun weekend.

Natasha said...

There's so much to comment on in this post but ITALY!!!! Ahhhh -- I'm so excited for you!!! And also your feast looks DELICIOUS! YUM!!!

Jennifer White said...

The snow is SO pretty. I'm jealous. I can't wait to hear more about your Italy plans...what a fabulous trip that will be. The Bruins game looks so fun. When I was a kid, KC had a hockey team, and we loved going to the games.

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