Monday, May 2, 2022

Hello Monday and Hello UMASS Dartmouth!


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Sarah and I are so glad you stopped by!

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Today I am recapping our long weekend!


I worked until 2pm and then we took off for Boston.  The girls were on Spring Break last week and though we didn't have big plans outside of them hanging out with some friends, I wanted to do something special with them.  So on Thursday I decided to take them to the JFK Museum in Boston/Dorchester.  My parents had taken my brother and me when we were little and it was a great experience then BUT even better now with all of the films they incorporated-the girls LOVED learning about JFK and following along with his campaign and then presidency and family life.  They have done an incredible job!



After the museum, we headed to Dartmouth MA and grabbed a casual dinner at The Cask N Pig...my silly girls

After dinner, it was time to head to our hotel in nearby New Bedford...we crashed early and watched some tv then tuned into watch Daddy on FB live...he and Kevin played some great tunes

Great way to fall asleep!





We were up bright and early and checked out.  Then we headed back to Dartmouth and I brought the girls to one of my fave college hangouts- The Phoenix Diner.  We enjoyed breakfast BUT I was so excited to introduce them to the cheese roll which is a very local specialty to Southeastern MA and they LOVED it..so much so, they convinced me to bring some home...so we did :)


 After that, we had a little time to kill before Lea and Brooks arrived so we took a drive and I pointed out some of my local hangouts AND the house I lived in with some besties the summer after graduation


1396 Tucker Road in its glory :)


 Then we headed to campus and I showed them the apartment I lived in during Junior and Senior years...when I posted the pics on FB, my neighbors, the guys lacrosse team all had great comments...such awesome memories!



Then we headed over to Lot 6 to meet up with Lea and Brooks...


We wanted to see a few of our old buildings that housed our classes and I needed to see the theater of course and we both wanted to get to the school store to get some merch and we made it all happen.  A BIG thanks to Greg who runs the theater tech department...he acted as our personal tour guide and got us into the theater and explained some updates in the main campus center...very grateful for him and he made it fun and awesome!  (highlight was when my girls stood on the stage that I was on so so many times) :)



Made it to the school store- YES :)

Side Note: Lea and I went to UMD at the same time but NEVER knew each other...can you believe it?  We met at a park in Windham years later when Diana and Brooks were babies...can't imagine my life without her now...God definitely gifted us with our friendship...we always say we wish we knew each other in college...but maybe it is better...the campus may not be standing today....ha!

After spending a good amount of time on campus, we drove over to New Bedford to enjoy an awesome lunch at The Black Whale

Then we started a long trek home!

That night, Eva had softball and then we crashed with some Greek takeout and it was early to bed for all of us!



We started our day with an extra long date walk- I wanted to make sure I was in shape for my company charity walk next weekend and I do feel good about that!

The rest of the day consisted of yard and pool work for Daddy- Diana took off to her friends' house and then we took Papa to the mall to shop for a suit for Kayla's wedding- he lucked out and will be stylin!

That night, Rob and I got a long awaited date night and it was pure bliss....an amazing dinner at XO on Elm and then a night cap at Windham Restaurant...so good for the soul :)


It was time for coffee and mass then I made a big Sunday dinner so we could just heat it up later on.

It was time for tournament softball for Pidge and we all enjoyed...it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY and just perfect!

Kayla came to enjoy the games with us then we all headed home for a nice family dinner.

After dinner, I taught Kayla and Rob a dance for Kayla's wedding- it is going to be a fun one!  Can't wait :)

We got some exciting news when I received a call from the NH State PTA....that news coming tomorrow!

Great weekend- what were you up to?



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Amy Scott said...

How fun! You all have a late spring break! I love looking at old vignettes and time capsules and that is great they include that in the museum. You and your hub do a great job of carving out time!

Family and the Lake House said...

What a fun adventure of showing off your old stomping grounds! I love the dresses the women wore during the election! Soooo cute! Also, that Greek food - yum!

Maria Rineer said...

What is this cheese roll of which you speak? ;). Love all the pictures from your weekend. You packed in a lot of good stuff, once again! It is funny that your bestie went to the same college at the same time that you did but you didn't know her at all then (though I went to a big school so I only knew the tiniest fraction of students who attended when I did). Looking forward to reading about the announcement tomorrow!

Holly said...

@maria they are a local specialty of Southeastern MA where there is a large Portuguese population. They are a Portuguese roll filled with cheese that is put on a grill with butter. You would think they would taste like a grilled cheese BUT they are so much better :)

All About That Mommy Life said...

What a great weekend! I love that you got to show your girls your old school, house, etc. I bet they are at such a fun age for that. The JFK Museum looks great-- I love the pictures of the women in the Kennedy dresses. For being 60ish years old, they're still actually cute!

Sunshine and Books said...

That is a great weekend! I’ve never been to a presidential library, but I’ve always wanted to go to one. It looks like you had such a great time on campus! Isn’t it so fun to show your kids part of your life before them? Have a great week!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

It sure sounds like a fun and FULL weekend! It was really neat to see your college campus! I love going to back to my college and bringing up all of the memories!

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