Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Currently: May 2022


Hi Friends!  Today I am linking up with Anne for her fun link up...we are sharing what's happening here...currently


All the fruits and vegetables...started working with a nutritionist in town and she is really guiding me!  


Energized...already....amazing what tweaking your diet can do


Tulips and other blooms popping up....but just waiting for the warm weather to get there and stay...sigh


A True Crime Documentary board on Facebook...getting some great suggestions!


The days enjoying my kids and these ages...so much fun and such an exciting time with the return of so many of our favorite traditions!




Andrea Nine said...

Those are fun ages and they are so precious! I feel so much better when I eat well and healthy foods.

Maria Rineer said...

Fun post! Glad you are feeling the results of eating healthy. I am trying hard to make better choices- it's foregoing the momentary pleasure of eating something delicious but unhealthy in lieu of knowing that it will be far better in the long run to abstain from the food.

Joanne said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference healthy eating can make?! Your salad looks yummy.

Sunshine and Books said...

How great to be feeling the effects of the nutritionist’s advice! I agree with you. Enjoying your kids’ ages is the best! Happy Wednesday!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I need to join that FB group!!

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