Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Hello Monday and Hello Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful holiday weekend and were grateful!  May we never forget.

Sarah and I are so glad you stopped by!  If you blogged today, grab our graphic above and link back up to us below.

Here is what our holiday weekend looked like....



First thing, before the buses, I started cooking/prepping and Pidge helped to be a taste tester for my patriotic apps ;)


Later on, after getting some work done, I met my friend Liz at Village Bean for the first time in over two years.  We used to meet quarterly for our business/networking chats.  It felt so good to reconnect post-COVID and get going on our networking and business chats again.

After that, I snuck in a quick lunch with my hunk :)


That Night

Diana was at the Great East Chorus Festival and Eva was at dance and then softball (tis' the season of craziness)


I hosted a little get together to celebrate Cass's bday.  It was the perfect little celebration- relaxing and full of laughs and decompressing


I made the lobster cannoli and they came out great- everyone loved them so I will be sharing this recipe soon along with the lemon sauce I made on the side!  Very excited to share :)



Rob and Eva were off to her first tournament softball game super early so unfortunately no date walk. 

We are just so happy that Eva is happy and LOVING softball and her team!  Such a great group of kids learning how to play as a team- so fun to watch!



 I started prepping food for the weekend and then took Diana to Starbucks before her half day of dance rehearsals.  Holding onto these moments for sure.




Then it was time to meet Kayla at a florist in town and happy to say she can make the wedding magic happen for her at an affordable price!


Then it was back home to cook some more.  My parents met me a short time later and we all piled in the Jeep (including Diana and Remi) and headed to Eva's 2nd tournament game.


Diana and my parents begged me to let Remi come but it ended up being too hot for him and he is a nervous wreck SO he only lasted 10 minutes and I had to take him home and come back  (thank God the tournament was in Londonderry- next town over)...sigh....anyway, we were all impressed with Eva "Pidge" and her team and then the thunder started and the game was called early...we got stuck in a downpour but made the most of it- ha!



We headed back to the house for dinner- inside and lots of chatting and laughing- it was a great day


 I am getting more and more obsessed each year with all of the patriotic decor and all of the Red, White and Blue goodness ;)




Rob and Eva were off super early so Eva could finish the game that was called early due to the rain.  I cooked some more and then got Diana to her rehearsal. 


Then Eva's next game ended up being at 1pm and the family joined us (all of her siblings and Papa Bob).  We had a blast!


That night, the Batsons came over and we grilled and chilled and caught up- another great day!


Thankful for the weather even though there was some rain on Sat afternoon and night- it wasn't a wash out like last year- we got in plenty of sun and fun!





Memorial Day was another beautiful day.  It was also emotional for us.  We love the town parade and Daddy has marched in it for the past 9 years.  (Well a couple of years, the parade was cancelled due to bad weather and/or COVID but he marched every year since getting elected) and this was his last.  We didn't realize how emotional we would be.


As tough as the school board has been during these years, there were always some wonderful moments to enjoy and observe through service.  The Memorial Day Parade has been one of them. 


My Father In Law Bob, loves this day, he is so proud of his son AND we are proud of him- he served in the US Navy

As we get closer to the end of his term, I will dedicate a post to this part of our lives.  I will share all the good (a new high school- a new elementary school- amazing relationships in town) and the heart wrenching (losing friends because of the awful things they say about your husband/dad- the ugly side of politics if you will.)



After the parade, our dance friends came over and we grilled and chilled and I got in the pool for the first time all year!



We ended our day with a visit from Zach and Zoe and
then the girls had more rehearsals for the big show.


 Remi LOVES when Zach comes over :)

Rob and I started watching the series 11.22.63 with James Franco.  GREAT Stephen King series about trying to change the Kennedy Assassination and time travel-so cool! 



Grateful for all of those who sacrificed for our freedom and happy to kick off the summer :)



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Jennifer Goodwin said...

Another great weekend! I'm glad your weather cooperated for you for the most part. I can only imagine the emotion you felt as your husband marched in his last parade and his term ends...and I also can only imagine how hard this has been on your family. I'll be interested to read more about this soon and how it's effected your family over the years. I'm sure you found out quickly who your true friends were as you walked through this with your husband. I admire the way you love and esteem your husband and though it may sound weird to say this, your marriage seems strong and your kids all seem like great people. It sounds like you both have done a great job in raising your family.

Thank you for always hosting us here! I've enjoyed getting to know you since this link has started up again. I hope you have a great day, friend.

Maria Rineer said...

Food, family, friends- this time throw in a parade and pool time we well- perfect!! Love all the pictures of your yummy food and decor. Everything looks so good! Great job on hosting all of the festivities. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Diane said...

Tell your FIL thank you for his service in the Navy🇺🇸!

Maria Rineer said...

Food, family, friends- this time throw in a parade and pool time we well- perfect!! Love all the pictures of your yummy food and decor. Everything looks so good! Great job on hosting all of the festivities. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Family and the Lake House said...

What a great blog post! All the food looks amazing and it looks like you're surrounded by the right and real people who love you. I'm sure it was emotional watching as your husband walked in his last parade and I'm also looking forward to reading more about him! Sending hugs! Thanks for hosting!

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