Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Favorites (May 13, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Yeah we made it!  If you are from New England, you also may be doing a happy dance because the real spring weather is finally here!  Yeah!


So excited to buy plants and flowers this weekend- woohoo!


As always, sharing some faves from our week and linking up HERE



  The Clown Affair


Just got the go ahead to share the exciting news that the film Diana had a small part in is being released.  The initial premier will be in NYC at the end of June and we are jetting down there to be there for it- yeah!  Since it is an independent film, the producers are still trying to raise money to help fund the post-production work like submitting it to different film festivals- this is all an education for me but we are so excited!


Here is a link to their campaign




and here is a link to the trailer!


  Diana plays the young girl (obviously- ha!)





Matty in the Morning



Well not a fave but he was for many years of my life.  The famous local DJ, Matt Siegel of Matty in the Morning on Kiss 108, retired last week.  I am so sad but I am choosing to celebrate as he made me laugh for over 30 years!  He has been on the radio since the 70's!  I remember listening to him in high school when we carpooled and then later on when I had my first job in sales and I was on the road a lot and he was always on in my car.  He was always a favorite of mine and I needed to write about how much I would miss hearing him every morning!







Big Girl!


This week was monumental for another reason too.  No more car seat for Pidge- she was SO EXCITED- Mama was kind of sad.  She kept asking us and I said I needed to check with the police department (which I kept putting off) and when I was at my company 5K last weekend, Daddy couldn't stand listening to the begging anymore and called the police on his own.  She got the answer she was looking for and the rest is history- Oh my little Pidge- Babies Don't Keep- sigh



Spring Has Sprung!

We are taking full advantage- more outside walks- yeah!

I am going to start planting this weekend too and CANNOT WAIT!

Happy Bday My Betty Boop

BA's bday was this week and we celebrated with our favorite- coffee- I also gifted her a pair of Blenders so we could match- we laughed so hard and had to send a pic to Lea- so happy she introduced us to the BEST sunglasses :)

Leaving you with this funny meme- I sent this to Rob because it is SO TRUE- although for us, Saturday is the day this weekend- HA!  We laughed really hard at this one ;)

That's a wrap!  Have an amazing weekend!


Jennifer Goodwin said...

I'm so happy for you that warm weather has officially arrived! I love going to buy plants when warm weather comes for us as well...and we almost always shop for new hanging baskets on Mother's day. We didn't do that last weekend, though, so we may do that tomorrow. I hope you enjoy every second of your weekend! See you back here Monday!

Andrea Nine said...

Yay Pidge! No more car seat, that is awesome I remember when the boys got out of their it was like yay no more hauling that around Outside walks are the best yay for summer coming and have a happy weekend!

Maria Rineer said...

So exciting about the film! Going to the premier and seeing it on the big screen will be beyond exciting!! I hope you get your flowers planted this weekend. I have that on tap, too, for the weekend. Just need to get the flowers and find the time to do it! Have a great weekend ;).

Ruth@playworkeatrepeat said...

How exciting that your daughter was part of a film! I enjoyed watching the trailer and Diana is great! very talented!! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend xx

Anonymous said...

that Yoda meme is perfect and very relatable!

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