Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Weekend Recap (August 31, 2021)


So because I took yesterday to recap Diana's Birthday Week...I am a day late in sharing about our weekend but here goes nothing!





Papa Bob took Diana out for lunch and that evening, I took the girls for their annual physicals so they are good to go with school!  This is so typical of the season we are in right now.  7 year old smiles?  Check!  13 year old/teenager resisting?  Check!  HA!


 After a busy week, we crashed hard that night.  We got takeout from Kumo and re-watched a couple episodes of Encore!  so Daddy could enjoy a few he didn't see.


Then when we thought we would be headed to bed, Remi gave us a big scare...he had a terrible allergic reaction to something..later determined most likely a bug bite...so one of his eyes swelled shut and half of his face was swollen..it was awful. Daddy rushed him to the emergency vet and they took good care of him.  He got an allergy shot, some Benadryl and a steroid and that seemed to do the trick...poor bugger....hate to see him like that!  Diana decided she would keep him company and sleep on the couch with him in my office...





I woke up, came downstairs and snapped a pic...seemed to do the trick...our boy was a happy camper again :)



I hit the grocery store for the weekend.  Then it was time for another date walk!


Then Eva had been hounding us to have a lemonade stand for charity..I promised her we would make it happen and the weather cooperated.  She decided that she wanted the proceeds to go to Blackout Cancer and we are proud to say that we will be writing a check for $175.00 to Project Blackout- love that she is already learning how to serve her community! We had advertised it on Facebook and had a blast getting visits from neighbors and friends all over town!


Later on, I did some prep for Sunday and then headed over to Lea's for a girl's night  while my family crashed!

Some of my fave ladies!


We headed to mass and then came home and got everything in order!  Our family joined us to celebrate Diana's birthday and we had a lovely day!

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Sunshine and Books said...

That looks like a fun weekend! My 12 year old isn’t the biggest fan of my picture taking all the time either. How wonderful that Eva wanted to donate her lemonade profits. You have some great girls on your hands! Have a great week!

Joanne said...

That is so wonderful that your daughter was able to raise so much money with her lemonade stand for such a good cause!!

Jennifer White said...

Poor Remi! That is so sweet of Eva. My kids did lemonade stands this summer with friends. I love that they still want to do that :)

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Glad your pup is okay--what a scare!! That is a great haul for the lemonade stand...what a nice gesture to donate it all!!

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