Tuesday, August 10, 2021

My Daily Must Haves


Hi Friends!  Today I am linking up with Dara and the gals for their fun linkup and sharing all about my Daily Must Haves...love reading yours..you always give me great ideas...so thought I would join in on the fun!





Duh...but nowadays I prefer to drink it in an insulated cup and I am partial to SWIG cups...this is my current Summer Coffee Mug :)  (and matching wine cup because I had to have the set!)


I also need Strong Wifi- no joke!  I am a Recruiter and need my strong internet connection no matter where I am working!


So while we are on the topic of work.....I need my phone for all things work and life....I recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 pro max and so far so good...I was so afraid to walk away from 8 plus...afraid I would miss my home button but I am getting used to it...if you can't tell, I don't do well with much change...ha!


 It has three lenses so I am in love with the camera of course too!


I force myself to drink between 120-140 ounces of water a day....I am partial to my Drive Water Bottle- insulated bottle from my gym..when I need to make my water more interesting, I will toss in some Crystal Light or Liquid Hydration...water has proven to be very helpful to me...for my body...weight loss...skin and overall health and well being!

My People

I need my people in order to live...to breathe...to be happy...this is my little world and they are Oh So Necessary!


The Big Guy

Last but not least...the big guy....the only one 

This was fun!


The Lucky Lifestyle said...

Such a beautiful family! I need almost all the same things! That first cup of coffee of the day is crucial.. might as well make it cute. ;)

Joanne said...

I am impressed by how much water you manage to drink! I was thrilled with my 90 ounces. I also need my family around.

Adrienne Patenaude said...

I love your coffee cup.

My Glittery Heart said...

YEs to all of these!!

Maria Rineer said...

I need to drink more water- you have inspired me :). I need almost all of the same things as you.

Jennifer White said...

WiFi and water!! I love it. Your must haves a great! Thanks for joining us for the link up.

Natasha said...

These are great must haves! And that is A LOT of water! Also, your coffee mug is so cute!!!

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