Monday, June 21, 2021

Hello Monday (Father's Day Weekend 2021 Edition)




Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Sharing some scenes from our fabulous weekend as we honored our Dads!




Last Day of School!  (Separate post coming this week) Last Day of 1st and 7th Grades!

Friday Night meant Daddy had a gig so the girls and I did takeout sushi and then snuggled in my bed to watch The Wizard Of Oz one more time!


I joined Beth Ann and we did the F2FC Race in Town- we walked it- it stands for Fight To Finish Cancer- I walked in honor of my grandmother and my guardian angel as well as to honor the memory of our friend Suzy's husband Jimmy- it was a beautiful day and a great workout!

 While I was doing that, Eva tagged along with Rob when he went to help my parents with some mulch...she got to help Mimi make some cookies!

After my walk, I got ready and had some special time with Diana- we enjoyed a lunch date, celebrating her making honors and then she helped me with some errands- Whole Foods,Trader Joe's and the Liquor Store...we cranked out the stops!

Remi had his grooming appointment and came home with the most adorable bandana ;)

and then after some reading and chilling, the girls headed downstairs for a sleepover with Papa Bob and Rob and I enjoyed a much needed date night...



It was Father's Day! When the guys went golfing, I headed to mass and then came home to make some meals for a friend who is having surgery this week.


Then it was time to get ready for our guests.  All of the kids came home and we had a blast with them and my parents, my brother and his girlfriend and Rob's Dad...we got to meet Marshall's Dad for the first time too...he was such a love...people were in and out of the pool...eating...laughing..it was a great day...mission accomplished!



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Maria Rineer said...

Looks like a great day celebrating the dads and all the guys and a wonderful weekend all around. Have a great week!

Natasha said...

That sounds like such a great Father's Day. And what a lovely way to honour your grandma.

Tanya said...

It looks like a wonderful Father's Day. Way to go with the race! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

Joanne said...

That sounds like a wonderful Father's day weekend! It was just perfect weather for eating outside and enjoying the water too.

Sunshine and Books said...

What a fun Father’s Day celebration! It looks like all of you had some good quality time together - Eva and your parents, you and Diana, everyone on Father’s Day. I love it! Way to go on the 5K! Have a great week!

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