Tuesday, June 8, 2021

2021 AAB Performance Awards at LDA!


Hi Friends....I am so happy to share with you my favorite day of the year.  It was the AAB (American Academy of Ballet) Performance Awards Day at LDA last Sunday....this event typically happens during the first week of March and we squeaked it in last year a week before we were all shut down....we honestly didn't think it would happen this year but by the grace of God, it was postponed and it happened this past weekend.  Though it did not happen in a theater like recent years, it happened right at the dance studio and we were so happy to be able to see our girls dance live again AND with our parents....I cried during most of it on and off...I know shocker but it was a magical day and I am just grateful all around...my girls are still on Cloud 9 too...so happy for them and they certainly earned their scores with all of their hard work!

First, we have Eva...her very first AAB Performance Awards- Level 1

Port de Bras B

and then Allegro B

and then Level 1 Dance A (Solo Performance)

and when it was time for her awards, we were so proud that she scored Gold which is a challenge at this age...they are still so little and adorable!  My heart was bursting

and then it was Diana's turn...these were her 4th AAB Performance Awards at LDA and this year she competed at Level 6

Her dance partner was her pal Elizabeth...they started with Port de Bras A

and then it was Adage A

and then it was Allegro B


and lastly, her solo- Dance A- La Vos





Few More Shots

and then it was time for Diana's Awards

We were so proud of her and she achieved what she set out to do- score at the highest level- she got Gold with Distinction and also won a scholarship to AAB's Summer Program- she attended virtually last year and hopes to do either in person or virtual this year but it will depend on some other commitments-stay tuned!

My heart is still squished!


Maria Rineer said...

I can see how you were teary eyed. The music, the dancing, the expressions were beautiful. I loved the smiles on their faces- their love of dance is so evident. Eva is adorably cute and Diana is a natural performer with great lines. Congrats on her wonderful score and scholarship.

Joanne said...

Wow! That is exciting. Congrats to both girls and all their hard work paying off.

Natasha said...

Way to go to both your girls! Their hard work really paid off! And I'm sure it did your Mama heart good to see them dance.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Congratulations to Diana!! Wow you have to be so proud. I hope she gets to attend the training in person--sounds like so much fun!!

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