Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekend Recap

So....it was a really relaxing weekend in these parts and I am SO grateful...in between Nutracker rehearsals and a birthday party....we prepped for Thanksgiving and caught up on rest and Hallmark movies ;)

Here is what it looked like....


We woke up to our first snow of the season so our schools had a two hour delay...

Diana took the opportunity to read (her favorite past time besides dance) and the girls talked me into making them Hot Cocoa.....here I am mocking how I feel about snow....before getting my work day started ;)

That night, I set Diana's hair in rollers for dress rehearsal the next day.  After, the fam hung in and I went over to Lea's for a little bit for salads and catching up

I don't look TOO tired right? Ugh!

Side note, Diana's school sends out an e-newsletter each week and we found a pic of her in it with one of her besties as they were donating food!


 It was time to take the curlers out and we all headed to Eva's bestie Sophie's Bday party at Chuck E Cheese...what I didn't know is that it was right next door to Hobby Lobby...and since I have never been and we were 10 minutes early, we all bopped in.  WOW friends!  You weren't kidding...it is like a candy store for adults!  I could've spent hours there...thank God I only had 10 minutes though...it could be dangerous...ha ha!!

The girls convinced me to buy them little Nutcracker dolls and I snagged a few additional holiday items BECAUSE all Christmas decorations were 50 perfect off- FTW!  I got some trees and a reindeer for our mantle, a door hanger for a wreath and some more garland.  

Anyway, I digress....the party was a huge success....the kids had a ball (including Diana "the helper") and the adults enjoyed chit chatting AND snuggling Baby Caleb of course :)

After the party, it was time for Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal and more decorating of course.  

The hair is a winner...the makeup needs to be dialed back...again...work in progress ;)

I did sneak out for an hour and met some besties at Chuck's wine tasting in town...very happy I did because I snagged some great wines for Thanksgiving!

Here Laurel is in the sweater we all bought...don't you love it?  Camo FTW!

Rob picked me up from the shop and together with Pidge we got the big Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping done...it was a workout....we shopped not only for Thanksgiving dinner but our Thanksgiving Eve party as well as the items for the dinner I make the professional dancers at the dance studio and some more items to serve after Nutcracker on Saturday night....tired again just thinking about it!  

After that, we decorated and chilled


Time for mass.....then for Diana to get a Texas donut apparently...yes it is as big as her head #MomFail moment

 and then another dress rehearsal for Nutcracker and Tech Rehearsal for Daddy so I made Sunday dinner...Rob's fave...Chicken Pot Pie.....

 with one of my faves...Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze

Then it was time for more chilling and Hallmark

 This morning.....I am taking off for the big city...and a very important New Client Meeting...wish me luck!


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I wish I was closer to a Hobby Lobby..Gah!! Good luck with your meeting!!

Rechelle said...

Wow what a weekend, all the big grocery shopping makes me tired ;) But YUM that chicken pot pie looks delicious!!! Hope your meeting today goes well, sending all the positive vibes your way!

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